The Barony of Jamnia
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Arms of the Baron of Jamnia

Welcome to the portal of the Chancellery of the Barony of Jamnia

Please engage yourself to learn about our services, how you can become a member of the court of Jamnia, and how we are working to connect with the world.

A Message from
His Excellency the Baron of Jamnia
Dear Visitor:
At first I would like to welcome you to Our new website. At this time in Our history we cannot help but find a bit of suffering in Our hearts. Being aware of the fact that most of the members of Our great Court of Jamnia are either retired from or still active, some even in Iraq at the moment, in the US Armed Forces, We do indeed find suffering in Our hearts. Also, Our dear Barony is located in a melting continent of fear and destruction. I would like to ask, as we do daily, that you pray for those at war right now. Not just Ours in battle, but all those who fight daily for their safety and beliefs. We ask that you pray for peace and that War, though sometimes inevitable, should become a pastime. We extend Our hearts and minds, Our prayers and conscience to those overseas and pray for all involved, that God will win the war, not his servants. Thank you and God Bless!
His Excellency
Baron Jason Earl Lee of Jamnia
Reverend of Churches
Knight of Orders and Houses
and Patriarch of Our House


The Barony of Jamnia is a Feudal Barony that was Conveyed to His Excellency Baron Jason of Jamnia in September of last year. The Baron of Jamnia is recognized by monarchs, heads of state, and Orders from around the world.
His Excellency's main goal in His position is to help in the search for peace in the Middle East as well as service to many charities accross the globe.
Please locate to the About Us link for more information.
Thank you and God Bless!

Our Hours:

Monday - Friday 10 am - 7 pm E/P
Saturday 10 am - 8 pm E/P

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The Chancellery of the Barony of Jamnia
On Behalf of His Excellency the Baron Jason Lee of Jamnia
PO BOX 2942
Cathedral City, CA 92235

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The Chancellery of Jamnia
On Behalf of His Excellency Baron Jason Lee of Jamnia 
PO BOX 2942 
Cathedral City, CA 92235