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What is BlogShares?

BlogShares is a fantasy stock market where weblogs are the companies. Players invest fictional dollars on shares in blogs. Blogs are valued by their incoming links and add value to other blogs by linking to them. Prices can go up or down based on trading and the underlying value of the blog.

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System Time: 10:36 3 Nov 2004. Stock Ticker: Open

STATUS: Chad better not be back - Come chat in #blogshares (Chanstats).

BlogShares is a fantasy stock market for weblogs. Players get to invest a fictional $500, and blogs are valued by inbound links.

Got a question? See the Help System.

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Currently indexing 1,912,916 blogs and tracking 3,923,596 links between them.

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BlogShares News

November 01, 2004   Help Is On The Way

Witness the power of a fully operational Death Star BlogShares Help System.

Endless thanks to Dave, Ray, Sage, VI, and everyone else who contributed. Not many large online games can claim their entire documentation system was written by its membership, and I'm proud of this community's undying efforts to keep BlogShares fun and fair.

Send suggestions to the team on the Documentation bulletin board. And eligible Americans - don't forget to vote Tuesday! There's a lot at stake, both nationally and in your neighborhood.

Poll: What article of BlogShares-branded clothing would you most likely wear?

by jay [Comments (13)]

October 26, 2004   Five bazillion updates

Poll: What's scarier, Halloween Night or Election Night?

The team has been in a frenzy improving the site. I can't stress enough how important the community itself has been in our continued growth. A dozen individuals have volunteered their talents and time to keep the cheaters down, the server up, and the new features rolling. It has been a real treat! Click 'Continue reading' for the tricks.

Continue reading "Five bazillion updates"

by jay [Comments (13)]

October 17, 2004   Weekend Wrap-up
October 10, 2004   Turn, Turn, Turn
September 26, 2004   Raffles: Tag-Board winners. Next: iTunes!
September 19, 2004   Movable Type License winner
September 10, 2004   Raffle: Lifetime Movable Type License
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Blog Announcements

[Press Release] ~David Rutt

On behalf of ~David Rutt:

Blogshares Charity auction is now underway. Please support RWO , Laila and co in their efforts to support a disadvantaged child in the Phillipines. Read about it in the forums here:


Also, go to ebay and bid on over B$5 Trillion, 50,000 chips and more. The auction is here:


This is a big chunk of cash, so if you want a big boost up the leaderboard and want to help support someone in need, then please make a bid.


Read full item.

Posted 09:47 03 Nov 2004

[Press Release] BAMM

On behalf of BAMM:

BAMM.be has been undergoing some problems lately as editors were having "Bloggers Block".

BAMM.be (Babes Are Money Magnets) is however strongly committed to bring what it's supposed to bring: BABE NEWS. The future will bring new faces, new goods and new superb links.

Invest in BAMM now and create the added value for you to grow your position in the Blogshares ranking.

Read full item.

Posted 03:51 03 Nov 2004

[Press Release] Island Dave's View

On behalf of Island Dave's View:

Congratulations to Linn Skinner (#12404) and Jim Wright (#16110) for being the first to join Club 216...the next short-lived prize for the elite. Within a matter of days, new artefacts are sure to make this honor less important in the scramble for 219, but today, these two BlogSharers are in front of the pack.

Cheers to Linn and Jim!

Join them and many more players in #blogshares every day!

Need help with IRC? Go here...


....and scroll down to the IRC section.

Read full item.

Posted 00:03 01 Nov 2004

[Press Release] The Embroideress

On behalf of The Embroideress:


In honor of the Red Sox victory in the 2004 World Series, Jay has released as Artefact #215, The Perfect Game

Read full item.

Posted 23:19 27 Oct 2004

[Press Release] Funny Jargon Creation

On behalf of Funny Jargon Creation:

I just loved these jargon language creators.

Would like to see them grow.

Read full item.

Posted 08:07 26 Oct 2004

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