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October 19, 2006

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What is BlogShares?

BlogShares is a fantasy stock market where weblogs are the companies. Players invest fictional dollars on shares in blogs. Blogs are valued by their incoming links and add value to other blogs by linking to them. Prices can go up or down based on trading and the underlying value of the blog.

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System Time: 11:03 24 Oct 2006 - 32 Players Online

STATUS: My Hands Are Bananas - Come chat in #blogshares (Chanstats)

BlogShares is a fantasy stock market for weblogs. Players get to invest a fictional $500, and blogs are valued by incoming links.

Got a question? See the Help System.

Publish a blog? Add it to BlogShares.

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Currently indexing 8,865,048 blogs and tracking 9,141,397 links between them.

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BlogShares News

August 11, 2006   New Idea Math is Coming!

We've worked out as many bugs and issues as possible with the new Idea math code, and can do nothing more until it is run on the game live. The target date for implementation is August 21, so you have a reasonable time to get your Idea holdings in order. Between coding, analysis, testing, and all the various discussions that have gone into this, the Admin, GIC, and BoD members have easily spent over 100 hours getting this ready, and the end result is a dynamic Ideas market that should be much more interesting than what you see currently. Premium Members will have access to at least one additional tool or data set to help with Ideas market play, and we'll have this ready prior to this implementation.

Now some caveats:
* We cannot predict what this new math will do beyond the spare tests we have run. Because we don't have a mirrored backup server, we can't test it live on real data beyond a one-off run. This means we are forced to make predictions of how the market will work based solely on a very small, and possibly non-representative set of data. We've done the best we can, but be forewarned that even TPTB don't know how the market will handle things over numerous iterations.

* There may be several times during early implementation that Ideas play will need to be taken offline to make adjustments to the code. This is expected to happen, so please understand that we will do so to prevent undesirable or unstable side-effects from taking place. This should only happen during the first few weeks or possibly as far as a couple months after implementation.

* We do not expect to see instant crashes of market prices, nor do we expect to see instantaneous skyrocketing of prices. However, we have observed those effects in one or two industries (and even then, only once or twice). We believe we have code in place to prevent such drastic price movements from happening in one drop or even over a short set of drops. That said, again, be forewarned that either extreme reaction is still possible. We will not correct the market should this take place except in cases where bugs cause extreme reactions.

* The new math code brings a couple new twists to the Ideas market, one of which has long been requested by a wide variety of players: consumption. Simply put, if Ideas are sitting on the market when a drop happens, the most typical response is for consumption of sitting ideas rather than dropping additional ones onto the pile. While downward price pressure during the drop remains high, consumption eats away at existing Industry Ideas, which in aggregate, pushes upward price pressure higher with each drop. Consumption does not affect Player Held Ideas!

* A second twist deals with when Idea pricing changes take place. Previously, prices changed for all Industries (which already had prices) regardless of whether that Industry was specifically involved in the current production run. This will change in the new math. Price changes will only occur on an Industry if Ideas were produced or consumed during the current production run. This will be significantly different than what takes place now. Reindexing strategies will change significantly for the best Ideas players as a result.

* There have been rumors of people losing their Idea holdings due to (insert rumor reason here). Let's set the record straight before this goes too far. The original math had proposed what was called 'Revolutionary New Ideas'. In short, this was the destruction of all Ideas in an Industry when the Industry reached a low price point which was never recoverable. This proposal item has changed dramatically. Active players will not have to worry about having any Ideas 'destroyed' by the game. Active is defined as having played within the last six months. Instead, we will be selling idea portfolios of Inactive players (over six months of not playing) down to levels of 10K Ideas in each industry. Players having this occur will be compensated. The short explanation for this happening is that large holdings of inactive players will significantly hamper growth and tend to create a drag on the entire market which cannot easily be overcome. By selling off excess Idea holdings, the Active players can decide the fate of these Industries.

by Island Dave [Comments (11)]

July 07, 2006   Advertise; Pixel Rewards; Amazon Gift Certificates

Would you like to advertise your site, product, or service on BlogShares? Chances are good that we have the perfect placement for your advertising campaign. From the Top Banner to Pixels to BlogAds, there are many placements available to fit your budget and deliver your advertising goals. Visit B$ Advertising for all the details. Feel free to contact B$ Support for more information, to make a purchase, or to arrange a custom advertising program. (thanks to AdamF for his expert graphics)

Speaking of perfect advertising locations, we're also announcing a new incentive for people who purchase Pixels. Buy $100 or more in Pixels and receive a text link in the Junior Sponsors section for the duration of your Pixel purchase. This link is seen on every page load, and gains your site considerably more exposure to browsers and search engines alike. Help BlogShares purchase a new database box and get yourself a great return for your investment. To purchase Pixels, please sign up at BlogShares Pixels. Don't forget that you can also help BlogShares by purchasing a Premium Membership for yourself or as a gift for another player!

amazon.comThis month, we're raffling a total of $100 in gift certificates. Five prizes of $20 each (one per player maximum) will be awarded on July 31. Never before have we offered so much in one raffle, and our utmost appreciation and thanks goes out to the fabulous sponsors of these prizes: Suburban Wolf, Just James, Mina, Nick, and AdamF.

As always, there is lots of behind-the-scenes development going on. We've added a Project Manager cms for our groups (such as BSEC and Index Managers) to organize and track their projects. Idea Math has also taken several steps forward thanks to dozens of hours of analysis and discussion from the GIC, and coding from Suburban Wolf. We hope to set aside a few days in the near future to test the new code. Sage and Rantz are getting set to do major index building, reorganizing, and fixing, including the utilization of the new Secondary Name field for Industry names (to help solve English versus native language place names). The moderation queue has dropped in half over the last week (from 20,000 down to 9,000), thanks in part to significantly increased moderation rewards, but also to the patience and persistance of a handful of very active moderators. Much more to come!

Please note: BlogShares is not affiliated with or any of its products or services.

by Island Dave [Comments (2)]

June 16, 2006   Friday Updates
May 24, 2006   BlogShares Pixels
May 21, 2006   Movin' On Up
April 06, 2006   Mod-A-Thon: Smashing Success
March 16, 2006   Blog Madness

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Blog Announcements

[Press Release] There was Code; Then there was AJAX!

On behalf of There was Code; Then there was AJAX!:

1AJAX Joins Blogshares!
Members Luxbot and PixelBot have been granted the ability by order of what they call their "Imperious LeaderBot" to participate in the Blogshares programs.

"We report about real world technologies and facts dealing with web 2.0 & if you have seen our Blog you know we are all very dedicated Bots to our work!" Luxbot says. A so called Reporter for OneAjax but seem to like running its mouth.

Web 1.0 is declining daily. It will take time. It is also sad because old programming languages many of us are fond of working with are going down the tubes for the new ones. Change however is good.

According to Luxbot, Web 2.0 is great! It is fun! It promotes social Networking we have needed to see for so long on the internet. Thank You for letting us publish this. Were you able to deposit the bribe money we agreed to give you? Oh, Oops!

For more information on There was code; Then there was AJAX! and to see what the Bots are up to, visit

Read full item.

Posted 18:36 23 Oct 2006

[Press Release] the odd neighbor

On behalf of the odd neighbor:


Read full item.

Posted 15:18 23 Oct 2006

[Press Release] This Is A Cult

On behalf of This Is A Cult:

How would you like B$250 million for each new permanent link to Scary Personals, Scared Bunny and This Is A Cult?

And how about a B$250 million bonus if you link all 3?

All you have to do is post the links and the sell order to this mission to cash in. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Read full item.

Posted 10:40 23 Oct 2006

[Press Release] @Blogshares

On behalf of @Blogshares:

I'm currently selling my chips!

Thanks to donations there is now over
a MILLION CHIPS for sale!

People who have donated and bought chips are listed here and in the corp!

1000 for $1! Plus a $B1,000,000,000
gift for every purchase! While supplies last!
Whether you have a chances addiction or wan't to advertise your blog!
All $ goes to the blogshares server fund! So everybody wins! :-)

$215 made to date!
Go to this corp. Pay-pal information and directions here!
Thankyou to everybody who has bought chips and offered there support!

Read full item.

Posted 12:59 20 Oct 2006

[Press Release] Curbed Enthusiasm

On behalf of Curbed Enthusiasm:

All players know that incoming links not only equals traffic - but increased B$ value as well.

Anyone who permanently links to Curbed Enthusiasm will recieve a returning link. Just set up the link, and send a PM or E-Mail with your URL, letting me know it's up. I'll place a link to your URL under "Blog$shares Links" on my sidebar.

We both win.

Read full item.

Posted 23:14 19 Oct 2006

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