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About BlogShares.com

BlogShares is a simulated, fantasy stock market for weblogs where players invest fictional money to buy stocks and bonds in an artificial economy where attention is the commodity and weblogs are the companies. Weblogs, or blogs for short, are valued by their incoming links from other known blogs. In effect, links become the business deals in the simulation and players speculate on the fortunes of thousands of blogs by buying and selling shares. A whole host of options exist for advanced play including gifting shares, leveraged buy-outs, stock splits, additional share issues, market and player bonds. For full details see the Help Center.

Anyone can play BlogShares for free, and ownership of a blog is not a requirement to participate. You need simply to register to receive a virtual $500 to start investing. Blog owners also receive 1000 shares of stock in their blog. Each individual uses the simulation for different purposes: you can use BlogShares to find new blogs to read, to show your appreciation by buying or gifting shares and, of course, to accrue as much capital as possible. Advanced options such as bonds allow you to take the game in a number of different directions.

With over 5,000 active players at the end of the Beta phase and more than 40,000 known blogs, BlogShares provides a rich, complex environment for (virtual) profit and fun. BlogShares continues to expand as more members, more blogs and more features are added to this quickly growing online community.

BlogShares Goals

The overall objective of BlogShares is to explore the emerging social network, to provide a fun environment for bloggers and to add value to the network. It is constantly evolving to accommodate the needs of players and non-players alike. We plan to offer new perspectives to bring attention to the far corners of the network, to offer the most playable simulation possible and to build a dynamic, intelligent community around the site.

BlogShares is the starting point and the economic centre of a planned virtual environment. We believe the opportunities to combine entertainment and useful tools around blogs are only just beginning to be explored.


BlogShares is built using a combination of PHP and Java. PHP is used for the web site and Java for the various offline applications and web spiders. The system was built from scratch using the standard libraries available for each platform.

About the Creator

Seyed Razavi created BlogShares in his spare time in early 2003 before meeting some unexpected success and deciding to pursue the long-term BlogShares goals on a full-time basis. Prior to BlogShares, he worked as a software architect for a variety of companies focused on Internet / Enterprise server Java solutions. His passions include the convergence of technology, economics and society. He reads avidly, particularly history, philosophy and science fiction.

He was born in Iran and is a UK national living in London. He studied briefly at Manchester, reading Physics, and then at UMIST, where he read Artificial Intelligence.