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A friend had to move his
web site because of a
disgruntled webmaster at
the old place. Trouble
is, Google returns a ton
of sites that link to the
old one. The Anne
Arundel Scottish Festival...

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she's a flight risk
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Doctor Biobrain's PoliBrain


BSID #1113244
Added21:38 30 Jun 2004
StatusAvailable to Trade.
IndustriesPolitics English Liberalism Co-operative / Team Blogs
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Press Release

Dissent, Inc. pressured out public stock holders at a total cost of B$16,746.78 using a Drupal (artefact)

Dissent, Inc. :

PRID# 1805280 / Posted: 09:00 08 Apr 2007

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Incoming Links14
Outgoing Links4
Outgoing Link ValueB$29,015.74
Market Share0.00018 %

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Inc. LinksOut. LinksValueOut. Link ValueMarket Share
15:11 29 Jun 2008144B$1,273,041.30B$29,015.740.000180326 %
11:51 01 May 2008144B$3,232,820.85B$89,769.290.000219717 %
19:09 01 Mar 2008114B$19,167,471.94B$479,189.300.000175844 %
11:07 21 Feb 2008104B$1,001,478.62B$25,039.470.000144710 %
06:03 12 Jan 2008104B$9,354.97B$2,363.740.000147647 %

The current value and up to 9 previous values are listed.

Last Successful Priority Queue Requests:

�f��G��� 17:52 28 Jun 2008
Peach Flambee19:00 01 Mar 2008

Share Tracking

Share Price Graph for Doctor Biobrain's PoliBrain

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19:31 01 Mar 2008B$3,833.49
07:47 26 Nov 2007B$340.58
11:00 08 Apr 2007B$515.78
10:45 08 Apr 2007B$482.03
10:30 08 Apr 2007B$348.58
10:15 08 Apr 2007B$201.86
10:00 08 Apr 2007B$103.08
09:45 08 Apr 2007B$49.46
09:30 08 Apr 2007B$23.05
09:15 08 Apr 2007B$10.60

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Shares Owners

PlayerNumber (%)Last Bought / Sold 4000 (80%)12:39 08 Apr 2007

Total Shares: 4000 by 1 owners (80%) OK!

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1000 shares are reserved.

Alternative URLs

There are no known alternative addresses for this blog presently.

Top 100 Incoming Links

This is a list of the most valuable incoming links at the time OTHER blogs are indexed. It is indicative of FUTURE value not CURRENT value.

  1. Jesus was a Liberal (B$118,642.87)
  2. The Greenbelt (B$109,267.79)
  3. Doing Justice (B$92,952.24)
  4. Washington Interns Gone Bad (B$71,348.36)
  5. Dashiell (B$67,289.25)
  6. Hullabaloo (B$44,479.42)
  7. Seeing the Forest (B$43,163.94)
  8. cannablog (B$41,205.00)
  9. Capitol Annex (B$39,363.24)
  10. Brains and Eggs (B$36,129.90)
  11. jobsanger (B$18,700.12)
  12. unfutz (B$13,380.32)
  13. Wingnuts & Moonbats (B$8,198.02)
  14. Beholden to Nothing (B$399.99)
  15. Broadway Carl\'s Blog-O-Mania (B$61.11)
  16. Heraldblog (B$40.74)

All Outgoing Links

This is a list of all recognised outgoing links from this blog. It may not be accurate or complete.

  1. cannablog
  2. Doing Justice
  3. Jesus was a Liberal
  4. What'd I Say?

Reciprocal Links

This is a list of reciprocal links found above.

  1. Jesus was a Liberal
  2. Doing Justice
  3. cannablog

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