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Goat Food


URL Blog
Added17:48 15 Dec 2005
StatusAvailable to Trade.
Spider ErrorRead timed out
Last Check: 05:07 11 Aug 2014
IndustriesDemographics: English Male UK Europe

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Dead date:15 Feb 2014

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Incoming Links8
Outgoing Links9
Outgoing Link ValueB$4,856.26
Market Share0.00007 %

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BuyGW MonkeyBoy691250B$1,593.29B$0.00-12:44 21 Aug 2009[Sell Shares]


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Inc. LinksOut. LinksValueOut. Link ValueMarket Share
05:14 09 Jul 201389B$40,328.32B$4,856.260.000071271 %
13:46 21 May 20121110B$42,313.78B$4,585.270.000092640 %
10:57 23 Apr 20121110B$36,129.47B$3,916.700.000086751 %
16:34 17 Mar 20121010B$19,934.50B$2,165.890.000124360 %
09:23 06 Dec 2011911B$13,700.62B$1,356.330.000070843 %
01:05 22 Nov 20111011B$12,185.96B$1,207.470.000071980 %
18:24 12 Jan 20111313B$5,491.08B$464.950.000079438 %

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mortal _one17:05 21 Nov 2011
Jin Jirrie06:12 20 Feb 2008
Ken Adams19:39 09 Feb 2008
billythekid 08:23 29 Jan 2008

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10:19 17 Jun 2010B$398.32
18:51 19 Dec 2009B$398.32
16:07 07 Apr 2009B$1,593.29
15:42 07 Apr 2009B$1,202.78
15:07 07 Apr 2009B$1,065.39
09:20 22 Mar 2009B$1,741.56
12:19 11 Mar 2009B$1,741.56
11:40 11 Mar 2009B$6,966.23

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[RPI] Corporal Kickyourass3750 (75%)08:07 07 Apr 2009

Total Shares: 3750 by 1 owners (75%) OK!

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