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Mission Mina

Our beloved, feisty Mina
needs our prayers,
positive thoughts, and
energy, as do all who
love her near and far.
Take a minute to send her
energetic support in
whatever way works for...

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May 4, 2006

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System Time: 12:18 7 May 2006. Stock Ticker: Open

STATUS: Congratulations MrPilot!!! - Come chat in #blogshares (Chanstats). - insanity included.


BSID #296503
Added12:50 19 Dec 2003
Last Updated19:20 26 Nov 2005
StatusAvailable to Trade. Claimed by owner.
IndustriesLife Humor Computers Journal Personal
Windows Working
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Press Release - insanity included. was the subject of much speculation when analysts at several firms were heard to be very positive about it's recent performance. It's share price rose from B$117.24 to B$158.27. Much of the hype was said to originate from ServMe whose Tree of Life (artefact) was said to be involved.

ServMe declined to comment on the recent speculation.

ServMe :

PRID# 319085 / Posted: 18:20 28 May 2005

Press Release Archive


Incoming Links20
Outgoing Links14
Outgoing Link ValueB$411.58
Market Share0.00016 %

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Inc. LinksOut. LinksValueOut. Link ValueMarket Share
19:51 29 Apr 20062014B$5,662.17B$411.580.000158161 %
21:07 14 Apr 20062114B$5,645.79B$410.410.000185444 %
20:23 21 Mar 20062215B$6,016.70B$407.780.000180314 %
03:45 21 Feb 20062220B$5,806.26B$295.310.000154758 %
06:36 17 Feb 20062219B$5,806.26B$310.860.000158325 %

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22:04 05 May 2006B$.55
12:25 05 May 2006B$.60
09:08 05 May 2006B$.66
06:45 04 May 2006B$.60
05:56 04 May 2006B$.67
23:27 03 May 2006B$.71
23:27 03 May 2006B$.66
23:25 03 May 2006B$.59
17:03 03 May 2006B$.54
17:02 03 May 2006B$.48

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Shares Owners

PlayerNumber (%)Last Bought / Sold
ServMe 10000 (100%)09:42 26 May 2005

Total Shares: 10000 by 1 owners (100%) OK!

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  1. My Boyfriend Is A Twat (B$1,197.53)
  2. SLOL (B$550.00)
  3. abstract_reality (B$525.21)
  4. C h i a r o s c u r o (B$434.74)
  5. (B$351.62)
  6. Incidents and accidents (B$339.81)
  7. KFX STUDIOS (B$216.67)
  8. lilfunky1's blog (B$183.33)
  9. menopausal bi-polar witch babbling (B$165.35)
  10. Some Wordage (B$127.75)
  11. Menopausal Bi-Polar Witch Babbling (B$104.60)
  12. (B$91.67)
  13. The Daily Dildo (B$76.35)
  14. (B$75.22)
  15. Blogrolled (B$74.85)
  16. Dancing on Colette's Grave (B$61.47)
  17. SassyBelle (B$57.14)
  18. SassyBlog (B$55.64)
  19. SassyBelle (B$52.08)
  20. SassyBelle (B$47.83)

All Outgoing Links

This is a list of all recognised outgoing links from this blog. It may not be accurate or complete.

  2. Cyblog
  3. General Protection Fault--The Comic Strip
  4. Incidents and accidents
  5. my boyfriend is a twat
  6. Needled
  7. Sexy Losers
  8. SlashDot.Org
  9. Sluggy Freelance
  10. The Daily Dildo
  11. The Mighty Geek
  12. Tjoeten Online
  13. treehugger


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