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October 26, 2004

Five bazillion updates

Poll: What's scarier, Halloween Night or Election Night?

The team has been in a frenzy improving the site. I can't stress enough how important the community itself has been in our continued growth. A dozen individuals have volunteered their talents and time to keep the cheaters down, the server up, and the new features rolling. It has been a real treat! Click 'Continue reading' for the tricks.

We shuffled some services off the BlogShares web box, so average response times from the site should be lower.

We caught some cheaters; the BSEC is one of those community volunteer groups that makes all the difference in our week to week operations. They bring fairness to the game.

The Editors are holding firm to their documentation release date, so newbies to veterans should have a valuable new reference here in a week or so.

Speaking of editors, if you've made it this far into the post, you probably read everything of interest at BlogShares. I'm looking for a couple folks to help me keep the membership clued in on all the great things that happen in the game and on the forums. If you'd like to blog for us a couple times a week, email me (jay@blogshares.com) an example post of interesting things from the bulletin board this past week.

There was a problem with Press Releases which is now fixed, so you can again use that tool (along with textads) to make announcements about your blog.

We made a layout fix to the Ideas page, removed extraneous backslashes in mail, and added 10 new Artefacts with more coming.

We'll be rolling out a new role, Index Manager. These folks will be able to make non-game changes to the Industries list and the blogs therein, and manage merges, alt-urls and delistings. Please don't ask to be put on this team; we're inviting individuals we see as knowledgeable and impartial enough to guide the index wisely.

We've had a backlog in the support mailbox, and I apologize if folks haven't gotten timely responses. That's another department that's being delegated out the community, and Raymond and others in the informal support team have made a real dent in the list. On a related note, Island Dave has a pile of chips to award individuals who step up and supply good answers in the Technical Support bulletin board.

So which is scarier, Halloween Night or Election Night?

October 17, 2004

Weekend Wrap-up

The new help system is now in the hands of Island Dave and the Editor team. Visit the forums to pitch in. Dave has a weekly supply of chips to gift to members who contribute to the centralized documentation and answer questions on the technical support board.

Better documentation was the number one feature requested in our anonymous surveys. Another trend we spotted was interest in moving to Wordpress, which conveniently brings us to this week's raffle: five (5) members will win one (1) year of Pro tier web hosting service from Revise Media. These folks specialize in Wordpress hosting.

October 10, 2004

Turn, Turn, Turn

Congrats to AB Investments, Ltd., winner of that $20 iTunes certificate.

There are two different blog hosting packages we're about to give away, and I'll post a new raffle when the details are finalized.

The past couple weeks have been a little quiet, but October is going to be a big month for BlogShares. We have enhancements both fun and useful coming out, so watch this space.