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B$ Help: Voting

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Administration Rules for Voting and Moderation:

Adopted from administrative dictate and BlogShares common law. (Please visit the full version of the Rules)

A-01 Number of Industries

It is legal to vote blogs into any reasonable Industries. Reasonable industries are determined by the following:
The blog contains content which is reflected by the industry selected (ie: A blog about poodles can be voted into the Dogs industry.)
The blog can be identified as belonging in a Meta industry, such as the specific location, language, or gender of the blogger.

Votes should be as specific as possible.

A-02 Incorrect Voting

Deliberately incorrect voting, as determined by the BSEC, is illegal, and may yield fines of Chips and Karma. Voting and moderation privileges can be removed as required by the administration. Malicious voting will not be tolerated.

A-03 Adding Non-Blogs

Sites which are not blogs do not belong in the BlogShares system. It is illegal to deliberately add URLs to the BlogShares index that are clearly not blogs (ie: DO NOT add sites such as,, etc...). BSEC action will determine guilt and punishment,

A-04 Voting on Non-Blogs

Sites which are not blogs do not belong in the BlogShares system. It is illegal to deliberately vote for a non-blog. Upon discovering a non-blog in the system, players should click the red 'Report Error' link on the right hand side of the page. Fill in the reporting box with a very brief reason for reporting the error; in this case "non-blog" would be sufficient.

The BSEC shall determine any need for investigation or punishment. Any chips and karma gained from illegal acts will be removed from the player account.

A-05 Moderation

It is illegal to deliberately reject legitimate votes. The moderator's responsibility is to verify the industry selection, not make a judgment about the legitimacy of any industry's inclusion in the index. If the vote is reasonable, the vote should be accepted. Consistent patterns of poor moderation may result in BSEC action. Malicious moderation will not be tolerated.

Please Note: Everything which covers voting in the above rules also covers Moderation. Moderation is simply another form of voting.


You should also get to know quite a few of the 2200+ Industries in the game through the Industry Description Tool. Some you will know, some you will not, but the better you know the index, the more correct votes you will be able to cast. Substansive content is what we are after in voting. To determine if an Industry might fit, consider whether someone browsing that Industry would be able to find useful or interesting content. A small handful of posts among hundreds or thousands is probably not enough to warrant a vote. But 10 posts out of 50 might well be enough.

Finding A Blog
In order to vote for a blog, you must first find one. There are several locations to do this:

Stock Tips page, where you can often find fairly new blogs in the game.
Blogs Added Today: 2000 of the newest additions to the game
Recently Indexed Blogs: 500 of the most recently indexed blogs.
Search: Input a term into the Search form on the right-sidebar to return blog title matches.
QuackTrack Interface: QT will return more search results than the BlogShares search

How to vote
To vote, first find a blog listed in the BlogShares game, and visit it's blogs.php page. See what, if any, industries have already been voted for the blog. Avoid Duplicate Voting (explained here)! Click on the 'Vote for which industries this blog belongs to' link. You can either search for category names or use the drop-down menus to select them, one at a time.

Deciding on what categories to vote a blog into can be difficult. If you are a new voter, try your hand at the Voting Walkthroughs. The most important thing to remember is that you should only vote a blog into an industry which represents its content or meta information (location, language, and gender). Don't waste anyone's time by simply voting randomly. This can potentially harm the integrity of the database and cause your voting privileges to be revoked. In extreme cases, player accounts are subject to suspension or fine.

Examples of proper voting would be to find a blog following the life of a female college student going to Harvard and voting it into: Student, Female, University, English, and Boston. These are clearly proper votes for this blog. Voting is a subjective activity, but precise voting supports the integrity of the game.

We try to encourage voters to be as precise as possible. Chips are allocated on a progressively larger amount based on how deep in the index the industry is. (Dogs will reward fewer chips than Labradors, and Language will return fewer than English for example). After all - categorization is most successful when as precise as possible.

Industry Descriptions:
There is a comprehensive resource for industry descriptions available here. If you are ever unsure what an industry name means, consult this page for clarification. Never vote (or moderate) for an industry if you are uncertain of its definition and content type.

Types of Votes

There are four types of votes on BlogShares, each worth a different point value: New Voter, Moderating Voter, Moderator/Owner, and Admin.

New Voter: These votes are worth 1 point each. It takes a minimum of 2 points for a blog to recognize the specific Industry, so this is an opportunity for new voters to get acquainted with the voting system without being in a position to skew the index.

Moderating Voter: These votes are worth 3 points. Anyone who has reached 100 Karma will automatically have votes worth 3 points. This makes a blog instantly recognize the Industry it has been voted into and causes it to start producing ideas.

Moderator/Owner: Moderator and Owner votes are both worth 5 points. It is imperative that Moderators and Owners not abuse their position as it can be held against them according to the rules. Moderators visit the moderation queue and decide whether or not votes are appropriate. Owners simply have more power over the categorization of their own blog as they know the content better than anyone else.

Admin and Index Managers (IM): Admin and IM votes have the most power. They are worth 10 points each. It is this way because they have the ultimate say as to whether or not a vote is correct. This allows them to erase not only a bad vote, but a bad moderation as well.


This is a very, very straightforward area. Either a vote fits, or it doesn't. What you need to remember is that as a moderator you actively affect the outcome of the BlogShares index. The quality of our index is only as good as the moderators - and that's you.

Once you amass 100 Karma you have the ability to moderate industries. You become the final judge of whether a vote is accepted or rejected. If you're uncertain, leave it alone. It will go back into the moderation queue and the next moderator may have a better sense of the appropriate Industries for the blog.

To access the moderation page, click on the 'Moderate Industries' link on the right-side menu, in the Members Area box,

Each moderation page (which can only be loaded once every 30 seconds) holds ten votes. These could be ten votes on one blog or ten votes on ten blogs. Your job is to open each individual blog on that page and verify that the votes put forth actually apply to the blog.

While some votes may not seem to be kosher, do not reject them unless you are certain they do not apply. Every time you reject a vote, a voter loses 1 Karma point and 5-25 chips (see Rewards below). Players should not be afraid to reject a vote, and should do so any time the vote is clearly incorrect.

Accepting an incorrect vote damages the integrity of the BlogShares index. This is important because every vote placed affects the Ideas Market and the production of ideas in the Industries voted upon.

An example of an invalid vote is simple: it is a vote on a blog that has nothing to do with the industry it was voted into. For example: a blog written in English and written exclusively about different breeds of dogs would not be acceptable in the Japanese or Abstract Art industries.


Rewards from the voting and moderation of blogs come in various forms. Not the least of these is a thorough and accurate Indexing system.


While Karma has no monetary value and does not affect your net worth, it does have a status value. Generally, those with high Karma values have dedicated a lot of time to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our indexing system. A lot of time is required to reach the list of top Karma holders, especially if you are truly adding value to the system.

Players reaching 100 Karma can moderate votes. To do so, click on the Moderate Industries link in the Members Area box on the right-side menu.

When a player reaches 750 Karma, s/he is entitled to double Artefact usage.


There are many ways to buy or use Chips, but only one way earns them, and that is by voting and moderating. The high value of chips often causes people to jump into improper voting and shady moderation. These people are dealt with harshly. So don't do it.

Scaled Chip Rewards: Chips are awarded based on a vote's depth in the index. Level 1 industries, such as Politics and Music, when moderated as correct, will yield 5 chips. Political Systems or 50's Music will bring 10, and so on. Each deeper level is worth 5 chips over the previous level. Moderation chips are awarded the same way.

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