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B$ Help: Claiming Your Blog

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To claim your blog, follow this guide (MSN Spaces and LiveJournal blogs--see below): If you want to have your blog removed from the game, scroll down to the last section.

Is the Blog in the BlogShares System?

Before you can claim your blog, you have to ensure that the blog is listed in the BlogShares system. Use the Quick Search tool in the top right of the screen to search for your blog by title, keyword, or full URL. If your blog isn't returned in the search, you will need to add it by putting your blog's title and URL in the appropriate boxes and clicking on the Request Site Addition button.

Begin the Claim Process

Once your blog is in the system, go to its blogs.php in BlogShares. Click on the "Claim Blog" link on the right-side menu. To claim your blog you need to display an image button with a link to BlogShares on your blog's home page. (You'll receive a claim code (HTML) in an email from BlogShares.) This special link is identified by a BlogShares spider when it parses your blog and, if found, will ratify your claim. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a week, depending on the status of the BlogShares claim spider and other site-related issues.

BlogShares rules require that you maintain the claim code visibly on your blog at all times. Please be certain to read the full text here.

Once a claim has been identified by BlogShares you will be marked as the blog's owner and will receive the 1000 reserved shares in your blog. You may sell or hold these shares as you choose but regardless of how many shares you have remaining you will be considered to own the blog. The initial shares are considered a reward for making the blog. It's like being the CEO and founder of a company with some shares you can sell to diversify your share portfolio.

Alternate URLs

Many blogs are listed in the system multiple times. The most common reasons for a blog being listed twice is the 'www' portion of a domain. For example, if your blog address is:

It would be wise to suggest the following as alternate url (assuming that the two addresses do in fact go to the same exact location):

More on Alt-URLs here.

MSN Spaces Blogs

For instructions on placing the claim code on your Spaces blog, please visit this forum thread. BlogShares rule require you to display the claim code visibly on your blog at all times.

LiveJournal Blogs

For instructions on adding the claim code to your LiveJournal blog, please visit this forum thread. BlogShares rule require you to display the claim code visibly on your blog at all times.

Delist Requests

To have your blog removed from BlogShares, you must send the request to You will need to prove that you are the author/owner of the blog before we remove it. This may include temporarily adding a small text to a specific part of the blog, profile page, or other area worked out between you and the administrators of BlogShares.

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