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BlogShares Raffles

Would you like to sponsor a Raffle? Let Island Dave know all the details!

Login to purchase raffle tickets with your chips to win these prizes:

Prize Tickets to Buy Click for each raffle
#24 - USB Snowbot
Drawing 2007-02-08

In celebration of the snow and the Winter in general, tengrrl is sponsoring this raffle for The ThinkGeek USB Snowbot. If the winner has donated B$ to a Development fund, s/he will also recieve a test tube of Instant Snow. If the winner has donated US$ to the Development fund, tengrrl will upgrade that to a full 8 oz. jar of Instant Snow!
If the winner does not live in a country Think Geek ships to, a substitute prize of two months of B$ Premium Membership will be awarded. Thanks tengrrl!!!
#23 - Crikey!
Drawing 2006-08-23

Thanks to our head IM Rantz, we have some Australian goods to give away this month, plus artefact goodness for you collectors. ;-)

First Prize (2 rewards to same winner):
  • Show Bag from The Darwin Show (See Image)
  • Steve Irwin Artefact
Second Prize (2 rewards to same winner):
  • "Aussie Slang" Book
  • Steve Irwin Artefact
Third Prize (1 reward only):
  • Steve Irwin Artefact
Prizes may be posted by air mail, depending on cost.
Winner: tuwa
Winner: Lou Pickney
Winner: Dash
#22 - $20 Amazon Gift Certificates (x5)
Drawing 2006-07-31

Got a book, CD or DVD you'd like to get? Chances are Amazon has it, and we'll help you, with a chance at one of FIVE $20 Amazon Gift Certificates, for a total of $100 in prizes! In order to be more international friendly, if required we'll supply your certificate through a local Amazon site (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Japan).

Sponsors: Suburban Wolf, AdamF, Just James, Mina, Nick

Note: No more than one certificate can be won by a single player. Amazon is a trademark of, Inc, and is not affiliated with Santa Cruz Tech. If you are not in one of the listed countries, you may have to purchase internationally!
Winner: matt williams
Winner: [ID] Reignman
Winner: JoPro Savings and Loan o3
Winner: Linn Skinner
Winner: David S
#21 - Pixels
Drawing 2006-06-30

This raffle includes 1 premium pixel block ($30 value) and 8 individual regular pixel blocks ($10 value each), for a total of 9 raffle prizes. No more than 4 blocks can be won by a single player.
Winner: Midoribe
Winner: BerlinBear
Winner: Manic
Winner: K.O.T.H.
Winner: BerlinBear
Winner: Alexandra
Winner: Midoribe
Winner: BerlinBear
Winner: BerlinBear
#20 - Albert Einstein Action Figure
Drawing 2006-02-28

Yes, you could win the Albert Einstein Action Figure pictured at left, generously sponsored by #blogshares regular tengrrl. No longer do you have to rely on soldier or beauty queen action figures to solve the mysteries of the universe, Einstein could be your secret weapon. Imagine how smart you will look bringing Albert to the office instead of that purple dinosaur or yellow sponge. The power of Albert Einstein in the palm of your hand.

Please Note: ThinkGeek ships to over 70 nations, but if the raffle winner is located in a nation which ThinkGeek does not serve, an alternative prize of 2 months of BlogShares Premium Membership will be given instead.
Winner: Passer_O3
#19 - Slashdot + Fark memberships
Drawing 2005-12-23

1000 ad-free page views for your Slashdot account, plus one month of TotalFark.
Winner: rhino
#18 - 64MB USB Flash Drive
Drawing 2005-10-01

This raffle is for a brand-new Micro Advantage 64MB USB flash drive. Included in the package are the drive, a USB extension cable, and a CD containing drivers and documentation. The drive is USB 2.0 compatible. As stated above, the drive is brand-new and has never been opened. The link given is not the exact drive offered in this raffle, but a similar product from the same company for informational use.

Please note that this raffle is for US addresses only! If the winner of the raffle lives outside of the United States we'll have to work something out.
Winner: News Writer
#17 - BlogShares Gift Packs
Drawing 2005-08-05

This raffle is for three (3) BlogShares Gift Packs.
Each pack includes the following:

1. One brand new artefact: You choose a new artefact to be released and get it free.*
2. One Free Month of Premium Membership.
3. One Million Text Ads
4. One Thousand Chips

*Artefact choice is subject to availability and administrative approval. Some Industries are not available for this prize.
Winner: Hunter L
Winner: Not Me
Winner: Puddle Pirate
#16 - USB Mini Lava Lamp
Drawing 2005-07-14

Plug this official Lava-brand mini lava lamp into your USB port and enjoy a bit of sparkle at your computer.

For late night PRDs or all-day Idea hunting, let this mini lava lamp light the way.
Winner: [ID] FaF
#15 - The Pen
Drawing 2005-05-28

You can own The Pen, a hand-lathed ballpoint created by a family member and used for BlogShares official business.
Winner: rhino
#14 - Poster
Drawing 2004-12-17

A music or movie poster from Max value $15 - you pay the rest on higher-value items.
Winner: Nicholas Moline
#13 - The BlogShares Box
Drawing 2004-12-10

Winner will receive this wooden box with ceramic inlay painted by Jay. An extra surprise or two will be included.

US shipping free, worldwide shipping negotiable. Actual size 5x5x2 inches.

Christmas present? Desk ornament? Stash box? Pet coffin? Your call.
Winner: Raymond
#12 - Pot-o-Chips
Drawing 2004-11-16

Two prizes, each 50% of the chips spent on this raffle.
Winner: Fatal Idea
Winner: Nicholas Moline
#11 - One Year of Pro Web Hosting
Drawing 2004-10-23

Wordpress, CPanel, the works. One year of Pro level web hosting from Revise Media. The nitty-gritty details.
Winner: Elegant John II
Winner: Reven
Winner: Nathan
Winner: Jaime Martinez
Winner: Island Dave
#10 - $20 iTunes gift certificate
Drawing 2004-10-02

Stop pirating MP3s and load up your iPod with $20 of legit music from iTunes. Groovy.
Winner: AB Investments, Ltd.
#9 - Tag-Board Enhanced account / 50k B$ ads
Drawing 2004-09-25

Need to liven up your blog? Add a Tag-Board message board: Home - Features - Enhanced features with this membership. Once you're set up, spend the second half of your prize, 50,000 text ads on BlogShares, and attract an instant audience. Three Winners
Winner: Farzad E.
Winner: ~scott
Winner: Kiran FG
#8 - LIFETIME Moveable Type Full License
Drawing 2004-09-18

Six Apart was gracious enough to supply one lucky BlogShares member with a lifetime license to the award-winning blog system Movable Type.
Winner: Femme
#7 - O'Reilly's Essential Blogging
Drawing 2004-09-05

"With weblogs or 'blogs' exploding all over the Web, the only thing lacking for power users and developers is detailed advice on how choose, install, and run blogging software. Written by leading bloggers, Essential Blogging includes practical advice and insider tips on the features, requirements, and limitations of applications such as Blogger, Radio Userland, Movable Type, and Blosxom. This book will get you up and blogging in no time."
Winner: MrPilot
#6 - Hot Stuff Coming Through
Drawing 2004-08-28

A $30 credit and free shipping from Java Global, the official coffee and tea supplier of BlogShares.
Winner: Ioannis
#5 - 10,000 Chips
Drawing 2004-08-15

Ten Thousand BlogShares Chips, which you can use for text ads on the site and these raffles, or trade them on the bulletin board for something you need.
Winner: Mishoko Sodwee
#4 - One Million Text Ad Impressions
Drawing 2004-08-07

One million impressions in the upper right text ad box of BlogShares pages, giving you weeks of exposure to hundreds of thousands of visitors.
Winner: Jaime Martinez
#3 - A BlogShares T-Shirt
Drawing 2004-07-31

Did you even know we had a t-shirt? Your choice of BlogShares admin will sign and ship a CafePress-printed BlogShares shirt to you -- right before we change the shirt logo, maybe making yours one-of-a-kind.
Winner: David Rutt
#2 - HaloScan Premium Membership
Drawing 2004-07-24

BlogShares uses HaloScan for front page industry comments. Premiums offer tons of extra features - click the link.
Winner: sprimal
#1 - One Year of BlogShares Premium Membership
Drawing 2004-07-17

Note: Winner can grant this prize to another player.
Winner: Serise Carrashen
Winner: *insert lame name here*

One ticket costs one chip. Your odds of winning depend on the number of tickets bought for each raffle. Earn chips by entering blogs into their appropriate categories (voting) and reviewing other folks' votes (moderating).

Note: Karma points, Sigma points, chips and tickets have no cash value backed by BlogShares or Santa Cruz Tech.