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Spam Blog Examples


These are blogs which collect information from different feeds from different blogs and randomise them throughout. Although they may be for a good cause as is the Twitter blog example for Breast Cancer, they are devoid of human input. This distinguishes it from a blog in Blogshares which is defined as having a 'human editor'.

Standard Spam

Here are blogs which are affiliated to one particular website, hence their links all point the same way. They may be hosted by a human, but there is a distinct purpose to them which is contrary to the blogger's purpose. They may be after links, sales or visits but the end product is the same.

This may look entirely plausible but on a closer look you can see the darkened letters which are all links to the spammer's blog.

Commercial Spam

Presented as a valid seller's blog, these, on closer inspection are for the sole purpose of selling a single product, often the same products filling your spam e-mail inbox.

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