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Getting Started

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Quick Start Guide!


Welcome to the fast-growing game and avid community of players here at BlogShares! We're all glad you are visiting, and hope you stay to play the game!

You don't have to have your own blog to play BlogShares. All new players are given $500 in BlogShares cash to start. If you pop into the forum and say hello, be sure to post your player id number (found in the left side Members Area once you are logged in), and there's a good chance an experienced player will give you some free funds! Look for the New Player? Say Hello here! thread under the General Discussion section. What you earn from there is up to your investment decisions.

Here follow a few things you should know. So read on, and then go play!


Like any game, BlogShares has rules! It's important to know them well, because violating them can have serious consequences for your account. You should read the full Rules prior to beginning game play.

New players should be especially aware of the rule regarding Multiple Player Accounts: Players are not permitted to own multiple accounts. This includes a player owning a premium and a free account.

Claiming Your Blog

Get a complete walk-through for claiming your blog here at BlogShares. It's fairly simple, but will require you to place a claim button on your site. For more information visit Claim a Blog

Share Trading

You'll need to understand how to perform basic shares trading early in your BlogSharing experience, so head to that page for a quick rundown of the process.

Transaction Limits

Premium Membership, at less than 5 US cents per day, brings players unlimited transactions for one full year. Until you upgrade your account, however, you are limited to 20 Shares transactions and 20 Ideas transactions per day.

Your Profile

Visit the Your Profile page for a breakdown of what shows up on your specific user profile page.


Find out the latest on the various ways of Browsing and Searching the BlogShares site.


Make sure to read all of the Voting pages, including the three Example pages, prior to categorizing blogs. Start with the main Voting Introduction page and work your way through.

Much, Much More!

There are many layers to game play here at BlogShares, including Chips, Corporations, Artefacts, Karma, Sigma and so once you get a feel for the game, take a look at what else you can do.

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