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Stephen Rene was born in 1960 in Riverside, California and was raised by a close-knit family in Tinsel Town USA; yes that's HOLLYWOOD as some like to call it. He attended Camellia Ave Elementary, Sun Valley Middle, and both Polytechnic and North Hollywood High Schools graduating in 1978.

Steve made the Varsity Athletics program in his Senior Year at NH, and the Varsity basketball team went on to the City Championships in 1978 playing the final game @ UCLA. He received 1976 Christmas Tourney "Best Player" and C division "Player of the Year" awards. Poly had an almost unbeaten regular season in 1976, but it was in his senior year NH was taken to a City Championship level they had not seen in the school's 37-year history.

During his senior year Steve was written about and photographed quite extensively in the local newspaper sports sections, and was even humorously awarded the 1978 divisional playoff's "Longest Kiss at Half Court" award in the San Fernando Valley Daily News. All this because an adoring fan (Steve's girlfriend) showed her impulsive affection toward him for finally ending an emotional double overtime victory at Valley College in Van Nuys, CA.

It was at Valley College the following school year in 1979 that Steve met Kevin Fowler, aka (known also as the Academy Award winning actor) Kevin Spacey. Steve and Kevin became best friends that year, and when Kevin was invited to attend the famed Julliard School of acting, Steve was invited by Kevin to share the accommodations Kevin had secured in New York with another good friend of Kevin's, a young man named Val Kilmer already attending Julliard.

In spite of the invitation, Steve stayed in tinsel town to follow in his grandfather's / father's footsteps. He took a position locally working for 2 years, in the Media/Office Services/Print Reproduction division of a local Aerospace company in Burbank, CA, before military cut backs caused severe lay-offs.

So, Steve found himself moving on to the radio industry working as an on air personality, along with Time-Warner television as a sound /cameraman in Palm Springs/29 Palms, CA area.  

Then Steve moved back to LA in 1982 working for 10 years as Vice President/GM for American Music and Video Corp in the music and video distribution industries.

He currently enjoys assisting business owners in professional consultation, public relations efforts, advertising, promotion & sales. His duties in the past have included hiring; training of office staff, sales staff, and the many executives usually involved in a variety of multi-faceted business interests.

After semi-retiring (@ 32 years of age) Steve moved to Orlando, Florida with his 1st wife, an RN, to start a family in 1992.

He now has a 5-year-old Son, birth named Dane Stephen, and who currently resides with his mother in Mass after a permanent separation 2001.

Steve is now single, continues in his e-Business-Pros consulting practice, and is now based in California and Central Florida.

His Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: The Beatles, MJ, Bread, America, Eagles, Moody Blues, Kansas, ELO, LED Zep, Harry Conick, Jr, Fleetwood Mac, Fiona Apple, Dave Matthews, Sting

Favorite TV show: Larry King Live, HardCopy, Law & Order, Judging Amy, Aly McBeal, Will & Grace, I Love Lucy, Carol Burnett, David Letterman

Favorite movie: The Recruit, Heat, Dances with Wolves, Love Story, Terminator

Favorite book: Frances Yates - The Art of Memory, Alfred Kinsey - The Kinsey Reports on Human Sexual Behavior, John Maynard Keynes - The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, Kenneth Anger - Hollywood Babylon

Favorite sports team: Lakers, Dodgers, Rams, Broncos, Magic, Devil Rays

Favorite food: Vegetarian, Italian, French, German, American

Stephen Rene's Motto:

"Do Unto Others as you Wish Done unto Yourself"

The Golden Rule

His Hobbies

Traveling with Good Friends to meet/see new people, places, and things.
Learning new ideas, pioneering new concepts and thinking out of the box…


Scuba Diving
Off Roading
Body Surfing/Boogie Boarding
Art/Antique Auctions
Equestrian Events
Museum Exhibits

Community Relations
Neighborhood Watch,
Dare and PAL Programs

His  Aspirations

To become a major talk show host on radio or television like John Walsh and Larry King in New York.

Produce a "Parents Who Care" Weekly "Real Life" Television Program documenting the trials and tribulations of parents who have been separated from their children, helping to re-unite these separated families, and become re-acquainted with their children again on TV.

His Most Admired Hero's

Our Present Day and Historical Forefathers  – Any and ALL who Stand up for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, Financial Freedoms, and All who defend those less fortunate than themselves.

Steve sharing a Kodak moment

with a friend visiting him from Sweden

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