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Free Homepages on the World Wide Web
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to create your own homepage

Creating and publishing homepages has never been easier. With The Express Page homepage processor, all users of the World Wide Web can quickly and easily make their own professional-looking homepages. As the page is generated, it is simultaneously published on the Internet.

The Homepage Processor is a Web application that does not require the user to know anything about how to make a Web page. Many of our users have created their very first homepage using this powerful tool. All that is required is a Web browser connected to the Internet.

The homepages created by The Express Page homepage processor can be modified as often as you like. The same easy program used to create your homepage is also used to update your homepage.

The first step in creating your homepage is to name your page. For example, a homepage with the name of mypagename would be found on the World Wide Web at the address

After naming your page you will be able to select the following from our extensive graphic library:

  • Background Image
  • Clip Art Graphic
  • Line Graphic
  • Bullet Graphic
  • Animation
All of our graphics can be easily placed anywhere on your homepage.

In addition to graphics, you will be able to select:

  • Text Size and Color
  • Page Style
  • Guest Book
  • Joke Book
  • Comics
  • Games
  • Mini Quiz
  • Background Music
  • Page Counter
  • Clickable Email Addresses
  • Clickable Web Addresses (URLs)

If you already know how to write Web pages you can even include your own HTML in your page.

Want to know more? Try creating a homepage. If you have additional questions, the homepage processor contains a help feature that should provide you with answers.

Photoloft Changes
Photoloft charges for service

Due to a change in business strategy, began charging for their service on March 9th, 2001. Non-paying Photoloft members will not be able to upload new photos although existing photos will remain online. Photoloft will request a credit card when you attempt to upload new photos.

For information on the new Photoloft fee structure CLICK HERE.

For information on how to use free photo upload systems CLICK HERE.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience that results from these changes at

Funky-chickens provides help to Expage Community

Have you ever seen a feature on a homepage and wondered how it was done? Most homepage features are written in HTML. Adding your own HTML tags is a great way of spicing up your homepage. The creative people at have added their HTML help pages to our system. To view these pages click on the HELP button after you are logged in.

Shorter Page Addresses for Everyone
"/page/" no longer required

To make it even easier to visit your homepage, all homepages now have two addresses. In addition to your old address ( you can now visit your page at .

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