Carol Narigon's Curriculum

In Case an Unschooler Needs to Submit a Curriculum

Brandon will use a developmentally-appropriate, integrated curriculum. We will plan his learning together, based on his interests, so I can't state in advance which specific topical areas we will cover, however we expect to cover the following subjects.

He will read from self-chosen and parent-chosen literature on a daily basis. He will engage in reflection on those literature pieces in one or many of the following ways: journal writing, book reviews, conversations, drama based on the books, book clubs. My goal is for Brandon to continue to enjoy reading, to read for pleasure, to gain exposure to a wide variety of genres, and to be able to reflect critically on what he reads.

Brandon will read content-area non-fiction materials as needed to support his chosen areas of interest. He will reflect on these pieces in one, or many, of the following ways: journal writing, writing an article for submission to a magazine, discussions, development of a scrapbook in an area of interest. My goal is for Brandon to learn to read critically for information, to understand and be able to reflect on the materials he reads and to be able to compare them to other sources of information, and to learn how and where to find written resources as needed.

Brandon will study science as it relates to the areas of his interests by watching science videos, reading related written materials, conducting scientific experiments, gardening, keeping journals, making and recording observations, visiting scientists in their work places, taking classes at the Dayton Museum of Discovery, participating in science fairs, earning science merit badges through Boy Scouts, visiting museums such as COSI and the Indianapolis Children