Are elements of the Assyrian community in Australia being manipulated by Clark?


Are elements of the Assyrian Iraqi community in Australia being manipulated by extreame right wing Liberal David Clark MLC?

It is alledged in the media that that the controversial State Liberal MLC Clark has been recruiting young men from the Iraqi Assyrian community as well as other Australians of Middle East decent from the Egyptian Coptic and Lebanese Maronites communities to stack Liberal Party branches for his ultra right grouping.

It is reported that he has been particularly active in Western Sydney. And that with the rise of the far right in Liberal Party branches in this area that a series of brawls have broken out, such as happened at the recent formation of the Bankstown Branch of the Liberal Party and a number of other worrying incidents including a very nasty brawl that occured at Punchbowl Branch and another at Kellyville where guns were brandished about.

We ask are these 'blackshirt' tactics designed to drive ordinary decent liberals out of the Liberal Party so as to allow David Clark's 'Taliban' faction on the right to further entrench its control of the Liberal Party?

Further we assert that if David Clark and Co, are using elements that are associated with militia groups such as the 'Phalanges Libanaises' and Coptic and Assyrian gangs and others to further his plans to have his and the Prime Minister mainstream Right faction totally dominate the Liberal party in N.S.W is this not a breech of the new anti terror laws?

We strongly believe that the support of politically motivated violence by elements within a mainstream political party should be of enormas concern to all (thinking) Australian's.

We wonder if this outbreak of Liberal Party violence has anything to do with the relatively new phenomenon the rise of an 'Assyrian mafia' which is emerging on the streets of Western Sydney?

We believe that our politicians and particularly our Prime Minister need to be a lot more careful about the ethnic wedge politics they are playing out there in the community.

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Has he been reading too many stories about the ancient Assyrian empire and the terror tactics they allegedly used to intimidate other subject peoples some 3000 years ago supposedly leaving graphic memorial inscriptions recording occasions of mass slaughter. Or maybe he has been reading Lord Byron's famous poem 'The Destruction of Sennacherib';=4464

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