I congratulate the federal opposition (ALP) for taking an almighty swipe at the one side of the Howard government that has never really ever been exposed before; its sleezey relationships with certain sections of the business community.

So many ex coalition staffers and MP's have gone straight over to PR roles in the big end of town once leaving Canberra that more and more it seems that networking and not ability is now the main key to winning Federal Government sponsored work.

Companies no longer have any chance of obtaining Federal Government work or contracts which involve them and the majors.

In John Howards Australia having Liberal Party connections seems to be the only easy path to sucess.

Federal ALP - Please continue to follow those in the AWB who have close coalition connections and particularly look further into the BHP matter and I believe you will find even more intrigue and skullduggery !

Editor - John Watt


Whatever evidence ultimately emerges, the real issue in the AWB caseon which the mass media is totally silentis what it further demonstrates about the utter hypocrisy behind the official fabrications brought forward to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq. All the time that Canberra was accusing Saddam Hussein of breaching UN resolutions, it was systematically violating the UN oil-for-food program to maintain its long and profitable relations with the Baghdad government.

After seven weeks of damning evidence from the Cole inquiry, the real issue in the scandal over the Australian Wheat Boards payment of $300 million worth of bribes to Saddam Husseins regime is not whether Prime Minister John Howard and his ministers knew about the kickbacks.

That has certainly now been proved. Testimony and documents presented to the inquiry have revealed nearly 20 occasions on which Australian Wheat Board (AWB) executives and various officials told senior government ministers or their advisors of the payments. Last week came the most incriminating document so fara now-declassified secret cable sent from a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) officer attached to the UN in New York warning that AWB had been asked by Iraq to pay port fees" and that such fees would breach UN sanctions.

It is about why we are being lied to time and time by members of the Howard government without any sanction being applied against those who lie let alone any resignations - they must take us all for mugs!

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