My Salute to Whispering Bill Anderson

I Love Those Bright Lights and Country Music

My Bill Anderson TOP 10 Favorites

(This wasn't an easy list to come up with, Sure, there's more, but this only a Top 10)

1. Bright Lights and Country Music
2. Always Remember
3. City Lights
4. The Corner Of My Life
5. Wild Weekend
6. Still
7. Mama Sang A Song
8. Po Folks
9. I Wonder If God Likes Country Music
10.I Love You Drops

Bill's Po Folks Band consists of:

Les Singer -Band leader, lead guitar, banjo
James Freeze -MC, Bass guitar
Cotton Payne - Drums
Ziggy Johnson - Keyboards
Donna Hammitt-Blanton - Steel guitar
Gail Rudisill-Johnson - Fiddle & Mandolin

(Ms. Kenzie West is filling in for Gail, at this time, and doing a great job of it too)

Im Memory of: Jimmy Gately, He was the front man, and a wonderful fiddle player, in Bill's Po Boys Band, from 1964 -1977, Jimmy passed away in 1985.

(and while we're talking about Bill Anderson) Please be sure to visit his Official Website. (Just tell him Brad sent you)

For the latest Bill Anderson News, Bio, Merchandise, Tour Info, and more.

Here's the website of another favorite of mine, and Bill's singin buddy, Ms. Jan Howard, Please take a look at

Bill is (finally) now a member of The Country Music Hall Of Fame, to visit their website, go to

Bill joined the WSM Grand Ole Opry, on July 15,1961, (42 years, this year) For more on the Grand Ole Opry, go to

For more info on AM 650 WSM, in Nashville, TN, just click on

Just a quick note on a few websites I know you will enjoy.

This one is about some of our great ladies in country music, My friend Troy runs this one. I hope you like it, Please sign Troy's guestbook.

I'm also a loyal Patsy Cline fan, Here is two great websites about "The Cline", My friend, Jimmy Walker, has a great tribute to Patsy at his site.

Here's a guy that is the best Patsy biographer, I've ever seen, His book about Patsy is called Honky Tonk Angel, The Intimate Story of Patsy Cline. His name is Ellis Nassour, and you can find his website by clicking on:

(Bill has a great "Patsy On Tour in Canada" story, in his "High On The Hog" book, Check it out, Just go to Bill's website to get it.


Bill Anderson International Fan Club
P.O. Box 85
Watervliet, MI 49098

(Go to Bill's website for more info about the fan club)

Fact: There are over 30 autographs in my Bill Anderson collection.

Bill: Thank you SO MUCH for the autographs. My best wishes to you always. I'm so glad you like it, and I hope you'll drop by again soon, and often, and please sign any time you want to. You're STILL the One. Always Remember, Brad.


Thanks, Brad, for such a nice tribute to me and my music. You're a good friend!
Always Remember, Bill.

The bright array of city lights, as far as I can see
The great white way shines thru the night
For lonely guys like me
The cabarets and honky tonks, their flashing signs invite
A broken heart to lose itself
In the glow of city lights.

-From City Lights, Bill's first hit, which he wrote in August of 1957-

I won't stay home, and cry tonight
Like all the nights before
I just learned that I don't really need you, anymore
I found a little place downtown, Where guys like me can go
And they've got bright lights, and country music.

-From Bright Lights and Country Music, 1965-

Always Remember, I love you
I love you, Only you
Always Remember, Your whole life thru
I love you, Just you

-From Always Remember, 1971-

I'd like to say hello to a few good friends of mine, All of whom I have met, They are some of the greatest announcers in the business, Some of the kindest people you could ever meet, and I'm proud to call them my friends:

Johnny 'K' Koval, Ralph Emery, and Eddie Stubbs,

Hello, Gentlemen.

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