A1. George W. was born in New Haven Connecticut, July 6, 1946, a fact not mentioned on his Official White House bio.

A2. The U. S. government investigated both Bert Walker and Prescott Bush, and under the Trading with the Enemy Act and seized all shares of Union Banking, including those shares held by Prescott Bush. The government held that "huge sections of Prescott Bush's empire had been operated on behalf of Nazi Germany and had greatly assisted the German war effort."

A3. Senator from Connecticut 1952-1963.

A4. W stands for Walker, the last name of his great grandfather, who was accused of aiding the Nazis before and after the entry of the U.S into WWII.

A5. Her then steady boyfriend. Interestingly her official White House biography doesn't mention any part of her life prior to her college graduation.

A6. Neil Bush. Details of the collapse blame it on falling oil prices.

A7. Neil's incompetent, and possibly illegal "ethical disability" in running of Silverado cost taxpayers over a billion dollars, and led to him getting fined by the SEC".

A8. He put them in his father's Presidential library, out of reach of public.

A9. Salem bin Laden, older brother of Osama later on to inherit the mantel as head of the Bin Laden family commercial interests from his father Mohammed. Back in the early 1970s when George Bush started his first company, Arbusto Energy, Inc, one of his first business backers was James R. Bath, the Binladen Construction Group representative in Houston.

A10. Scott Hinckley, brother of John.

A11. On Sept. 11th , he was in Florida, reading his favourite book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, to kids. When informed of the attack, he kept reading, and finished the book. He later lied about Air Force One being a target, and bolted to a military base and still hasn't come clean about that day.

A12. Poppy Bush is Episcopalian, W. is a Methodist and Jeb's a Catholic.

A13. Called Billy Graham.

A14. On his butt.

A15. When W ran for Congress in 1978, his main contributors were Enron and its employees. Enron itself was formed from two oil companies in 1985, W. claimed at the time, "There's no such thing as being too closely aligned with the oil industry in West Texas."

A16. He was fined $30,000 and barred from securities brokerage for a year in 1991 for violating securities registration laws in Massachusetts.

A17. They say they want to know whether Riggs may have helped facilitate the transfer of millions of dollars in funds to the Sept. 11 hijackers. Money that ended up in the hands of two of the hijackers Khalid Almidhar and Nawaf Alhazmi came through the San Diego branch of the Bank.

Interestingly the money passed through the account of the wife of the Saudi ambassador to the U.S Princess Haifa Al-Faisal daughter of the late Saudi King an account handled by senior management.

Incredibly no action was taken either against her or the Riggs Bank by the Authorities after she denied knowing the final destination of the funds claiming she was just acting as a conduit for donations from Saudi Arabian Islamic Charities ????

A 18. He never answered questions then or since about his other arrests (up until very recently) and has never explained about his interesting new Texas drivers license number.



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