Date A Geek?!

This following article was taken from an australian magazine called Girlfriend. I don't agree with this article all of the way though LOL

-- Go the Geek!

When we think of getting a boy, we tend to go a little overboard. In our daydreams, he looks like Heath Ledger: golden hair and golden smile, with the personality of your best friend- smart, sweet and madly in love with you. ooo baby, lol Does it get any better than this? Probably not. Will it ever happen? As if! But while you're out there looking for Mr Doesn't Exist, there's a perfectly great guy right under your nose- the geek.

Are we serious?

Damn straight. Just because he doesn't come in the perfect package doesnt mean the geeky guy hasnt got the goods. Under used and userrated, geeky guys are rip for picking. So ripe, in fact, that they're the new cool. Think Jason Biggs in American Pie or Adrian Greiner in Drive Me Crazy- both stand-out guys and both babes in the making. All they needed was a cool chick to relise their potential. Enter you.

Give the geek, a chance

We all have our 'types', a certain person or a certain look we go for- usually at the exclusion of all others. How many times have you heard yourself say "he's just not my type"? He may be the nicest guy in the whole wide world, but if he's not edgy enough, doesnt hang with you crew, lives in a dodgy suburb, or if hes not into your type of music, he doesnt get a mention. So instead of getting to know him more, you focus your attention on someone more 'you'- usually a guy who doesnt exist or who doesnt know that you do (go on, admit it).

For some their 'type' is Mr Tall, Broad and Handsome. For others, its Skatey Dude, the one who walks around with his pants around his ankles. Geeks, on the other hand, hardly ever get a look-in in the lust stakes. Think geek and its hard not to get caught up in the whole geek mythology- buck teeth, nerdy clothes, skin that Pizza Hut could name a new topping after and an aversion to natural light. You assume he has amore intimate relationship with his computer than any one human being, and you think his idea of a party is doing his homework- a week early, which is all a big bunch of crapola, b/c geek guys aint what they used to be and have stacks to offer.

Give the geek, a chance

Geeks habe a definate charm you wont find in your average guy. In fact, they can be darn sexy, haha Here are a gew reasons right off the bat:

they have got brains for all that studying (so can help you out with your homework).

they come without an ego (unlike most of those studly guys you've been wasting your drool on).

they were into op shops way before it was cool to do so.

they dont follow the crowd (so they are individual and will encourage you to be more so).

they'll think your fab because girls dont pay them much attention, and, like most guys who arent given the chance they deserve (until now, that is), they probably have a healthy sense of humour and so much sensitivity it'll make you melt. Whats not to like?

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