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ow with dietary supplement *

* this site has many different things that will intrigue you and maybe * amaze you
* but first you must reach inside yourself and rip them out.
*There you go, there it is,
* Good job.

* Dr. MaHalabobanafofana Seuss de Dickens did make this and don't you try and say he didn't.
You heard me!
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* This just in! Sean is a loser! That is all.
* FUN FACT: Knowledge is power!
* Wise Saying of the Day: DEATH IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!
* If you are annoyed by all these pop-ups then just think of this, every time a pop-up ad comes up an angel gets its wings. And I get a nickel.
* A new activity! Ask the Doctor! Ask me any question in the world! Like the meaning of life! Or how to put on your pants! Just go to the guestbook and ask me a question and I'll answer it on this page! So get askin'!
* This just in! France has just been declared the greatest country in the world! That is all!
* CONTEST: 700th person to come on this website wins a ticket to Universal Studios Florida! When you think you are that person sign on the guestbook! If you win you could "Ride the Movies!"

* Here are some links to some other websites:
http://www.freewebs.com/jp-adventure opens you to the mysterious world beyond, and you will discover, something has survived.
http://www.thoraxcorp.com has low cost ways of leading you to stardom!
http://www.expage.com/jpyugi is a geek's paradise.
http://www.expage.com/mysteryoflife You will finally learn the mystery of life.

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