Australian Cats

* And What Their Demise Is Costing You...

*In Europe, in the Middle Ages, laws were passed which lead to the killing of millions of CATS. It was part of an effort by the Church to wipe out paganism.
Very soon rats started plaguing.
When the bubonic plague was brought back from Asia, the rats spread the Black Death. MILLIONS SUFFERED FOOD POISONING FROM RAT DROPPINGS and 25 million died of the plague. It was the greatest disaster in human history.
*CATS were reintroduced and bubonic plague was brought under control.
*The Egyptians used CATS to prevent rats and mice from poisoning the grain with their droppings. CATS ensured economic wealth for the Egyptians by allowing them to store vast amounts of grain safely.
*In Australia vermin control by CATS has prevented a major outbreak of bubonic plague and during the 60's, 70's and 80's Australian homes were virtually vermin free.


Now you would think that anyone who would suggest we start killing our cats, in the light of the lessons of years of history, would be quite foolish.
In 1989 a quite solid anti-cat campaign started. Cats were accused of everything they could think of.
The "pet cats kill endangered animals" slogan became the most popular accusation. Environmentalists then jumped on the bandwagon. Then governments started introducing anti-cat laws just like in Europe, in the Middle Ages.

The Federal Government says "Rare or threatened species do not occur in or near cities and are not at risk from domestic cats."

Cat numbers have been dropping at up to 10% per year. Over half a million cats have been killed. The rest are being kept indoors.

Australia, now, is killing cats at a faster rate than has ever occurred in history.
By 1995 rats and mice started invading Australian homes, restaurants and food factories.
*There has been an eight-fold increase in the incidence of mouse plague in the grain fields costing hundreds of millions of dollars.

Rat baits being used to try to control vermin are poisoning fifty toddlers a week.
Councils are giving out vast amounts of rat baits for free but the vermin numbers are increasing.
Urban Native Animals are not in decline as some claim. In fact Ibis, Possums, Bats, Feral Pigeons, Magpies, Butcherbirds, poisonous Snakes and also Rats & Mice are all in dangerous over population around our homes having lost their primary predator.
People have been killed by bats with lyssa virus or are being attacked by snakes in their own backyards now.
*Some said that if we killed enough cats we would have more of the animals that cats prey on. This is exactly what has happened !


Another outcome of the anti-cat campaign is that, as cat ownership has declined, dog ownership has dramatically risen.
Now over 13,000 people per year (mainly toddlers and the elderly) go to hospital now due to dog attack.
No research was ever done into what would happen if cats were removed or prevented from hunting.
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With few exceptions, threatened species do not occur in or near cities and are not directly at risk from domestic cats.

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