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FOLC is a network of eclectic homeschooling families. Although centered in eastern Prince William County, Virginia, our members include families in Fairfax and Stafford counties, and the city of Alexandria. We use a wide spectrum of homeschooling methods, from pre-packaged curriculum to radical unschooling, and everything between, and our members hail from a wide variety of backgrounds and beliefs.

* Prince William County Homeschoolers Victory !

Prince William County Schools Allow Partial Enrollment


*We enjoy spending time with our children.

*Children receive TRUE socialization, through interaction with a wide variety of individuals, not just their "peers."

*Children can pursue their own interests, and learn at their own speed.

*We understand that the "cookie cutter" education provided by schools can damage a child's interest in learning.

FOLC has no rules, no dues, or hierarchy. Our only "official" events are informal roundtable meetings, after which we socialize. FOLC supports the efforts of The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers (VaHomeschoolers)

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Information on Filing Papers and Other Aspects of Homeschooling Specific to Prince William County (PWC) VA. (Includes ideas about responding if you are harassed for pulling your child out of school.)

Guide to Homeschooling In Virginia
Law; State Standards of Learning; VA Approved Correspondence Courses; Used Curricula; Options for Testing & Assessments; Intent Form, Virginia support groups, and much more.

More Information About HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) Learn all you need to know in order to determine whether membership in this organization serves your family's interests.

The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers (VaHomeschoolers)
Is a Member-Directed, Fully Inclusive, Volunteer-Driven State Association. VaHomeschoolers surveys its members, operates on an efficient budget, welcomes all, and takes direction from members, via an annual survey. It is neutral on matters of religion, partisan politics and non-homeschooling issues.

Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV)
A Christian organization with a statement of faith (SOF) for leaders. Top down management, self-appointed board. No polling of members. Some paid positions, including officers and lobbyist.

HEAV removed its link to FOLC because we link to a comparison chart of Virginia's two statewide homeschool organizations, here .

How to Choose a Homeschool Support Group

How to Start Your Own Support Group (If you can't find one that suits you.)

Curricula and Resource Reviews from a Variety of Sources

Homeschooling Information and Resource Guide

What is Unschooling?

Introduction to Classical Education

Suggested Homeschooling Booklist

Get Homeschooling Discounts!

FOLC Folks' Web Pages



Sources for Events

Local Favorites

Local Music Arts & Theatre Resources

If you value quality education, family time, flexibility, and learning in the real world, then homeschooling is for you!

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