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*The Storyteller Magazine offers contests throughout the year. Check this site often as the contest changes every few months.

Also you may check this website for list of winners.

The Silver Quill Society presents a Funniest School Story Contest. This can include grammar, high school, or college. It doesn't matter whether it's true or a fiction of monumental proportions, as long as it is set in school, told in story fashion and FUNNY. Those who make us laugh out loud will be finalists; those who make us roll on the floor will be winners. In 2,000 words or less send us your funniest school stories whether true or not. Please note on the outside of the envelope "Funniest School Stories". First place winner will be published in the October/November/December 2004 issue of The Storyteller. *Deadline: Must be postmarked by August 1, 2004.


The Storyteller is looking for poetry on any aspect of nature for our Nature Comes Alive contest. We will consider any style, whether rhyming or non-rhyming up to 40 lines. Any part of nature you would like to write about: birds, weeds, flowers, weather, wild animals; anything that nature has to offer. Please note on outside of envelope, "Nature Comes Alive". First place winner will be published in the July/August/September 2004 issue. *Deadline: Must be postmarked by April 1, 2004.


The Storyteller is also sponsoring a Come As You Are contest. This is an open genre forum, but please remember this is a family magazine and anything we would not accept for the magazine applies here. In 2,000 words or less, send us the best of your best genre or literary work. Please note on the outside of the envelope, "Come As You Are". First place winners will be published in the January/February/March 2005 issue. *Deadline: November 1, 2004.

*Guidelines: These guidelines apply to all contests:

*Entry fee: $5.00 per entry
For poetry, 2 poems per entry fee

*1st place: $25.00
*2nd place: $15.00
*3rd place: $10.00

*All submissions MUST be unpublished. Enter as often as you like, but entry fee must accompany each entry. Those who do not follow the guidelines will be disqualified. Make checks and money orders to The Storyteller.
* The Storyteller
2441 Washington Rd.
Maynard, AR 72444

Include your name, address, phone number, email and a brief bio.

All winners also receive a certificate suitable for framing.

*For questions or comments: storyteller1@cox-internet.com

* 2003 Pushcart Prize Nominees:
The Gift of Wiggins by Barry Lawler--Oct/Nov/Dec
The Deception by Rick Jankowski--April/May/June
The Liar by Candace Crump--Oct/Nov/Dec
Where Did We Go Wrong by Shirley D. Kinsey-- July/Aug/Sept.
Onions by Marcia Camp--Jan/Feb/March
It Snowed the Day My Mother Was Laid To Rest by Ann-Marie Moore--April/May/June

*Christmas Story Contest Winners:

1st place: A Song Be Christmas by Ken Gillespie
2nd place: All I Want For Christmas Is...by Barbara Deming
3rd place: Santa's Secret by E. A. Dyer
Honorable Mention: Christmas Magic by Rick Magers

*Mystify Your Mind Contest Winners:
1st place: Hannah Cracks The Case by E. A. Dyer
2nd place: A Greyhound, Diamonds and Bombay by C. E. Larsen
3rd place: Kristie Is Missing by Thomas Swoffer
* * *

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