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My hamster,Hammy, passed away on Dec. 25, 2000 from respiratory problems. On Christmas. He was a Winter White, Russian,Siberian hamster. Thank you all visitors for my 6000th visit.


Picking Out Your Hamster
You should pick out a hamster that is 5 weeks old and is clean all around the body. If you see any marks on the hamster then it is probably sick so don't buy it even if it's cute. When you find the hamster you want ask the hamster expert if you can hold the hamster. Now that you have a hamster you want you need to buy its cage. I reccomend you buy the S.A.M hamster cage brand because your hamster can't escape easily and you can hook up tubes to it. When you buy your hamster try to be a short drive away from your house because your hamster can die of stress since it's in a small box.


Bringing your hamster home
The first thing you need to do when you bring your hamster home is assemble its habitat. Put your hammy into its cage and watch it play and explore its new home.


You need to put your hamster in a cage that it can't get out of because hamsters are very good escape artists. Your hamster should always have a clean cage because it could get sick. You need bedding which should be aspen or pine not cedar because it makes your hamster sick. The bedding needs to be deep enough so your hamster can burrow through the bedding. It should be around 2-4 inches high. Clean your hamsters cage once a week. In the cage you need to have plenty of toys such as a toilet paper roll. Hamsters need to have fresh water available at all times. I recommend using a bottle not a dish because if a hamster gets sick if it gets too wet. I also recommend that you should use a food dish because hamsters ejoy sitting in them and its easier to get food. Your hamster needs a varity of toys to play and hide in. Examples are nests, exercise wheel, hamster ball, play ladders and bridges, toys for climbing, and tubes.


The hamster diet is very simple to handle. Seeds are part of it. You should buy hamster mix which contains different seeds. Check the seeds daily to see if they're moldy or spoiled. If it is, change it right away because your hamster could get sick. The other part of their diet is fruit and vegetables. Some hamster owners say that you can give your hamster meat. That's wrong because meat can make your hamster very sick. Here is a list of food to give your hamster.
* sprouts
* Corn(not canned corn)
* potatoes
* White bread
* dog biscuits
* Sunflower seeds(small amounts
* apple(seeds are toxic)
* carrot
* Lettuce(not iceburg)
* Tomatoes(small amounts
Water needs to be changed daily and clean the water bottle also when it gets dirty. To make sure your hamster gets its daily vitamins buy water vitamins at a pet store. Put them in every time you change the water. Feed your hammy different things and see what it's favorite food will be.


A hamster is easy to handle. Before you take your cute hammy out always wash your hands because your hamster will bite any food you have on your hands. Never put your hamster in a high place where your hamster can fall. Play with your hamster near the ground so it doesn't have a long way to fall. When you pick up your hamster scoop it up instead.


Taming Your Hamster
Taming your hamster is very easy. You should start when your hamster is young. To get your hamster to know you better put food in your hand and put your hand by your hamster. As the hamster comes nervously toward you, talk to your hammy so it knows your voice. Once it knows your voice it will always come to you. When it comes in your hand lift your hand out of the cage slowly and pet your hamster. If it nips at your finger put it back in its cage. Watch your hammy for a few days to see when it gets up so you can tame it. Never wake up your hammy all the time in the middle of the day because they need their sleep.


Lazy Hamster?
If you have a lazy hamster it wakes up at 10:00 p.m. To stop this feed it one time every day such as 6:00 p.m. In a few days it should wake up every day and wait for food.*Click on Mini Quiz to see my hamster poll.

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