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For those doing research and Bible studies on the Christian Woman's Headcovering/Prayer Veil.

Contemporary sermons, articles and tracts will be found here.

The Historical Library is at:

All links may have doctrine or beliefs we do not share. Please . . . simply gather the wonderful pearls.


The Home Page is:
* Christian Women's Headcovering Directory
* Women . . . Our Place In G-d's Order

* Women's Head Covering 7 the Glory of God

* The Biblical Practice of Headcovering

* God Has Ordained Headship

* Lesson 15: 1 Cor 11

* Headcovering In Public Worship

* Paul's Discourse On The Use of HC During Public Worship

* Every Violation or Neglect Begins With Something Small

* Head Covering?

* Christian Women's Devotional HC

* Book by Tom Shank: Let Her Be Veiled

* The Head of a Woman - To Cover or Not?

* TableTalk: Hair Or Veil?

* The Headcovering-A Biblical Perspective

* Research On Headcovering

* Concerning The Headcovering

* On A Woman's HC & Hypocrisy

* Modesty & Christian Living In The 90's

* Let The Woman Cover Her Head

* HC- The Glory of Man or Glory of God?

* The Role Of Christian Women

* Should Women Wear A HC in Church? Hair or Hat?

* Head Covering, Prophecies - 1 Cor 11:2-16

* The Virteous Woman's Veiling & Question of Hair Lengths

* Secure For Yourself the Blessings of filling Your Proper Role

* According To The Scriptures: HC

* David's Brief Exegesis of 1 Cor 11:1-16

* The Biblical Headcovering: Scarf of Hidden Power

* Still Another Point on HC

* The Brethren-Covered Heads

* On The Covering Of Heads

* Crowning Glory: the Halachos of Covering Hair

* Validity & Value of the Woman's HC

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