~ HEATHER ANGEL KELLY May 03, 1961 ~


My birth name is Heather Angel Kelly. My adoptive name is Karen Anne Virginia White. I started searching for my birth family in November, 2000. Shortly after I started my search I joined an online Canadian Adoption Triad Support Group called 'Canadopt.' I received alot of TLC from them and a few suggestions that were instrumental in locating my birth family. I placed an ad in the local newspaper in the area I was born. I received a letter from my birth mother on April 10, 2001, found out she lived fairly close to me and went to see her that same evening. I have been fortunate in that my birth mother and her side of the family have always hoped I would seek them out and have welcomed me with open arms, all of them, into their homes and hearts.
To all of you who are searching; KEEP THE FAITH! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!
If you need support (we all do) please visit the Canadopt homepage and join up.....they CAN help.
Also, please register your search info in the Family Ties Canada Adoption Search Database ~ link at bottom of page.

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