John Howard PM - Favourite for the Coverted Brown Nose Award



Defence Minister Hill has edged closer to Prime Minister Howard in the race for the coveted Australian Brown Nose of the Year Award. This follows his announcement in Singapore of in principle agreement with the United States for a new military base that could see thousands of US military personnel training in Australia.

According to awards' host Tug Dumbly, John Howard is still the clear favourite to win the Brown Nose of the Year for outstanding achievement in going all the way with the USA ahead of the other nominees (all members of his Cabinet).

The awards, based on a Walkley Award winning cartoon by Bill Leak, The Australian, presented in a gala of comedy, music and foreign policy on July 4.

The nominees for the three awards included:




John Howard; Mark Vaile; Robert Hill; Alexander Downer for outstanding achievement in going all the way with the USA in 2003/4


John Howard; Philip Ruddock; Peter Reith; Rupert Murdoch for lifetime achievement in grovelling to a foreign power.


Andrew Wilkie; Kerry Nettle and Bob Brown; Dave and Will, The Opera House 'No War' Painters; and the one million Australians who marched for peace in February 2003 for outstanding defiance or exposure of the USA and its sycophants.


As predicted by many of the pundits Honest 'John Howard' has scooped the pool by winning 'The Brown Nose Of The Year Award' and being inducted into the 'Brown Nose Hall of Fame', for going all the way with the U.S.A.

Howard taking the coverted 'Brown Nose Award' with a monstrous 76% of the vote. In presenting the award, Andrew Wilkie essayed some the reasons for his landslide win.

"Many Australians would be concerned about where John Howard is taking the Alliance relationship. Under John Howard, the US doesn't have to make its case to us, to pursuade us, it doesn't have to give us a good deal on a free trade agreement, or anything else. Because George Bush knows that Australia will just follow blindly along. When is the last time you can remember John Howard saying anything critical of the Bush administration? In fact I think things have got so bad under John Howard that we have virtually given up our foreign policy decision making to the Pentagon & State Department. Things are now so bad under John Howard, that we have virtually passed our sovereignty to Washington. And that is completely unacceptable.

There is another way for Australia. For a start, we can realise the importance of dialogue, and seeking to solve our security concerns through diplomacy and negotiation. We can re-engage with our region. We can start to support the U.N. We can close every foreign base on our soil, not controlled by Australians. In essence, we can develop an GrovellingHoward shows how it's done. John Howard will no doubt assume the position with George Bush - to celebrate winning the Brown Nose of the Year Award.


The final award acknowledged the good guys. The Up Your Nose award for outstanding defiance shown by local activists, unlike the Brown Nose Awards, was closely contested, or maybe that the nominees were more evenly acknowledged. The million Australians who marched in February, 2003. Will and Dave accepted the award on behalf of the million marchers, saying that the February rallies had given them the strength to carry out the Opera House action.

The gala also included wonderful live music from Bertie Blackman, Andy Clockwise, Michele Morgan and Ozibatla, who improvised a rap, dedicated to the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition.


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