This site is dedicated to the people I love in IS!!! Luv u guys sooo much! MWAH!

*To nix, thea, marz, sam, rax, ash, trix, karz, ring, hyun, loaur,martz, al, mat, joe, grant, lou, pao...basta...u know hu all u guys are...i miss u guys to death, and I want you guys to know that no matter what happens, ill always consider you guys as my friends hu changed my life completely. Thanks to all of you for making me happy and enjoy and 5 years in ISM=)


NIX-dud...u dnt undrstant...i miss u sooo much!!making takas in hyuns car...4o messages...coach...i dnt wanna swim!DONT STOP TXTING ME!

THEA-KILIG! 2 p****!!!!!!...gaga ka talaga! haha in the mall with nikki..ahem (ponzi!)...da bst day! luv ya!

MARZ-hehe... pigs in a blanket...da sleepover=) ssh our secret! miss ya soooo much!

SAM-sam...ur too nice! but i luv ya n e ways!!! dnt chnge!luv ya sam...

RAX-i miss you sooo much! txt me k? miss super model!! luv ya!

MARTZ-mr. rockwell,ahem...abs, melralco...ARGH!! share da wealth man!!! hahaha juist kidding...luv ya marts! miss ya sooo much!

MATT- 7th grd halloween prty...remember?? hehe thanks for the house!

ALEX-stop fighting wid me already!! no just kiddin...my 5th grade crush.ahhhh, im ashamed of myself...

ASH- ash for more...ang kapal mo talaga!!!!!!! luv ya=) miss ya sooo much!

TRIX- ms. lights, camera, action...y r u sooo perfect!! ARGH!! luv ya trix!

KARZ- ccd...BORING!!!...science w/ ariana and raquel...miss ya sooo much!

HYUN- I swear im not mad...just be happy k? remember wen nix and i made takas in ur car? hehe...we felt so pwrful..totoy naman!!! luv ya!

JOE- wat da hell...ur sooo mean to me, STOP GROWING...u hav platforms in ur shoes...hehe...GUAPING...haha miss ya!

GRANT-my gosh, my buddy since 2nd grd!...TGIF, Blairwitch 2..miss ya!

LOU- Stop flattering me! i might believe it...hah no just kidding!miss ya lou!

PAO- TaKeMeBaCkTo6tHgRd!!!7 mins. in heaven...cristinas party? haha..ur da bst pao!miss ya!

LAUREN- i wanna go hme na! sabay tayo ha? miss ya soo much!

RING- wat can i say...ur da only prsn as freaky asi am...miss ya ring! keep txting me!
to EVERYONE in IS hus helped me one way or another...thanks guys...i miss all of u!


Oh, and my sites not finished yet guys k? M still gna b adding A LOT of pics of us and a few other things, and i prmise nt to put embarassing pic guys!!!...so far, this is all iv got..i hpe u enjoy wats here!*


Oh n 2 da ppl hu think da color of the site is BADUY...i mde it green, white and yellow cuz dats da ISM colors...


A little bit about ISM- For those of you who don't know what ISM is...SHAME ON YOU!...basically, ISM stands for International School Manila. Its an international school in the Philippines, and the BEST school ever!!!! this school is the best most prestigious school in the philippines...well at least for me! i studied in IS till 2001...then I moved to Vancouver and currently study at York House...an ALL GIRL SCHOOL! can you believe that? danielle brimo in an all grl school? hay nako anyways, ppl. hu r studying there ryt nw...dnt take it 4 granted!!! ur so lucky ur still there!


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I hope that whoever enters this room will really enjoy...and please sigh my guestbook k? thanks for stopping by guys!

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