Howard's Children : How endemic Tory Cronyism is Destroying Australia


A list of 200 former Howard Government Staffers and what they are doing now from :

Matthew Abbott: Joe Hockey's former press secretary when he had Financial Services is now a spindoctor for Frank Lowy's Westfield group.

Chris Argent: Former Chris Gallus advisor, now with Philip Morris.

Trevor Burns: former Warwirck Smith staffer, then ABC point man in Canberra, then a public affairs lobbyist with Australian Automobile Association and now a manager public affairs Macquarie Bank.

Mark Connell: Former Andrew Thomson press sec, went to work with Nick Greiner at British American Tobacco Australasia.

Paul Cross: From Michael Wooldridge's office to drug giant Merck Sharpe & Dohme.

Jen Eddy: Nick Minchin's former press secretary has recently joined Gavin Anderson and helped it win the T3 gig.

Mark Elliott: Former Philip Ruddock adviser, now at Pfizer as Corporate Communications Manager.

Chris Falvey: Former with John Sharp and Mark Vaile, then to Sydney Airport and now James Hardie Industries.

Paul Fletcher: Former Alston Chief-of-Staff, now Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Manager for Optus.

John Galligan: Former Bronwyn Bishop, now head of Corporate Affairs at British American Tobacco.

Nick Harford: Former Daryl Williams media advisor, now Corporate Affairs at Visy.

Simone Holzapfel: Former Abbott spinner and Young Lib type now with Leightons.

Alex Hawke: Former adviser to Helen Coonan, now NSW Young Liberal President and staffer to NSW Upper House Member David Clarke, also right-wing faction boss.

Nicole Johnston: Former Ellison press sec now with Leighton Holdings.

Catherine McGovern: Former Minchin now Glaxo Smith Klein.

David McLachlan: John Fahey's first press secretary is now a spindoctor with Leighton in Brisbane after an earlier stint in government affairs for the Commonwealth Bank.

Grahame Morris: John Howard's original chief of staff is now a director of Jackson Wells Morris after two years in government relations for Rupert Murdoch at News Ltd.

David Oldfield: Former Tony Abbott right hand man (and ex-Lib candidate for the state seat of Manly) is sitting in the NSW upper house representing One Nation.

David Taylor: Former Geoff Prosser adviser now with Max "the axe" Moore-Wilton at Sydney Airport.

Susan Warren: Former Hill and Alston adviser now Government Relations at Arms company Raytheon.

Hundred of other former Howard government staffers have gone over to the private sector. To see the main List see

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