up all u bikers

ont forget dirt hurts!!!!!!

yo! if you jump go out their and be f up b!!!! and my freind harry always gets big air!!!! me to we go to 3humps and this summer i'm going to go to wood ward. and i have a haro zi with mad good stuff. me my er it is going to be mad phat!!!!! and me and chris, harry and dustin are going to deliratios and the e fwing skate park!!!!!! cum to the punk show. 2hip,haro, dk, mongoose, and GT come check my phtoalbum im not all the way done i'mgetting some more pics ,sign my geust book if you like it. dirtjumping kicks ass. if you want to see phat pics just check out my alubm. if you like it sign my geust book and leave your web page adders. visit my freind harrys at http://expage.com/harrygoth abc. or vist http://www.2hip.com http://harobikes.com hindus blow eace others little pee balls ____ing a nirve bikes are the best i have a nirve hex go to http://www.nirve.com

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yo!! if you jump prove it sgin my geust book and leave SORRY ABOUT THE PICS SOME DICK HEAD ____EDTHEM UP!!!!!!!!!!!

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