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Welcome to the page of John! I am the Webmistress YukiSorrows and well today and throughout the month we'll be adding a John Says Paragraph to the site. (Note: All quotes are authentic John Words and are not altered or changed in any ways)

There will be NO copying of Phases and or distributing to others without Johns Permission, thank you

TheMediocreMe: I'll blank* you!
TheMediocreMe: Maybe
TheMediocreMe: Or maybe not
TheMediocreMe: Well thanks for the heads up Lisa, it's appreciated :-)
TheMediocreMe: Damn?
TheMediocreMe: ??!
TheMediocreMe: LIKE WHAT?!
TheMediocreMe: -.-
TheMediocreMe: When someone says something
TheMediocreMe: Like "Give me your pencil"
TheMediocreMe: I'll say "I'll pencil you!"
YukiSorrows: perfect, now john, that is funny
YukiSorrows: and stupid
TheMediocreMe: ...
YukiSorrows: but it is funny BECAUSE it is stupid


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