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Oh my gosh! The season finale was so good! I cant believe that Merton and Lori kissed! I cant wait until season 3 to see what happens! Post your thoughts in the guestbook!

10/7/00-Updated the poll, sorry everyone the poll provider is having i guess " technical Difficulties"!
9/25/00-Updated the poll! So go and vote for your favorite BWOC character now!
9/23/00-I updated the guestbook-check it out! I also added the letter from Aimee Castle!

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BRANDON, DANNY, and AIMEE, are heading back to Montreal, Canada to film season 3!! Can't wait!

Danny E-mailed me back! Click here to read what he said!
p.s-I didnt make this up..what you read is officially from Danny Smith himself! http://www.expage.com/dannysmithletter

Oh my goodness! Aimee Castle e-mailed me back! Click here to read what she said! P.s- I am not making this up what you read is diresctly from Aimee herself!

Did you notice?
Hey everyone, did you notice that Merton wrote a letter and gave it to Lori just before he jumped in front of Tommy and turned to stone? I did! I wonder what it said.....? Post your thoughts in the guestbook.

HEY! Sighn my new guestbook!

Sorry everyone! The poll is currently not working, hopefully in a little bit it will be up and working again! But for now vote on the "mini quiz" at the bottom.

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