elcome To MY Little WORLD!!!~!!!

My favorite color is yellow and thats why basically this hole page is in yellow. My bedroom is yellow basically everything in my room is yellow*
If yr wondering why theres a dog up there!!~!! its because it looks just like my most favoritist dog in the hole wide world*!~!~!~!~!~!~!!~!!~!~!I wanna give some shout outs to my best budds!!!~!!! My best friend Kristen (AKA) Kiki!!~!! U da bomb gurl!!~!!~ call me!!~!!~I love RICHI*~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!~!!!~!! AAron u da bomb jamie james torrie tyler nick( my big bro)lisa michelle jordan kory donna brett alyssa zak kelsey h kelsey r!!~!! Now wait thats just the beginning keep on going if u wanna no more about me!!My name is stephanie and i luv to play ice hockey!!~!! i gots lots and lots of friends on that team!!~!! ill name some of them!!~!! Theres lillian brianna crystal erin kelsey kerry jessica olivia gianna angelina!!~!! well u met some of my friends and some of the gurlz on my hockey team!!~!! i guess u no most about me!!~!!more stuff is!!~!! oh yeah chris(my cousin) if yr looking at this get out just kidding keep looking sign my guest book play my games and read my guest book!!~!!~!!~!!and oh yeah!!~!! connor julie phil!!~!!)and more !!~!!~!!~!! or sign the guest book and say so!!~!! well gotta rocket catch ya lata!!~!! he he he he ha ha ha ha oh yeah again!!~!! officer pilat!!~!! thank you for teaching students about drugs!!~!! it really protects us!!~!! thank you again!!~!! oh yeah i forgot my 2 favorite teachers!~! make that three no i mean 4 !~! no i mean all of my teachers but especially mrs crane and mr bridenbaker!~! luv ya all in a friend way!~! ~stephanie~

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everybody knows that my best friends joleena(lena) and officer pilats my favorite policeman and d.a.r.e teacher!!~!!

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