There once was a a sniveling coward
who went by the name of John Howard
He tortured the poor
And for an encore
gave tax cuts to those he'd empowered.

A political fellow named Howard
On whom all the virtues were showered
Was aware from his youth
If he stuck to the truth
That his hope of success would be soured.

I'm alert and alarmed and afraid,
Of the choices John Howard has made
To our fine reputation
As a peace loving nation
We've been cheated, misled and betrayed.

A lying, diminutive rat
Repeats that the truth is old hat
Well he might think maybe
But think again, baby
It's time that the dummy was spat.

Little Johnny is on the attack
Saying Latham is simply a hack
But lets hope that Oz
Will choose a NEW boss
And dish up the Libs some RatSac

Said to Costello by Abbott
'You've just missed your chance to grab it
Howard's still there
And I'm still his heir'
It's a worrying world we inhabit.

Education has gone all to hell
and the health systems not at all well
ask not, John Howard
you sniveling coward
who will be tolling your bell.

Our PM was called Howard,
He was a lying coward,
He'd pick on the weak,
Pretend to be meek,
From him the voters have soured.

There once was a PM, named John
His lies just went on and on
Kids overboard, WMDs
Just tell the truth, once, please?
And locking up child asylum seekers just wrong.

There once was a man named John Howard.
Above him all other men towered
So to give him some size
In the electores eyes,
He bullied those most disempowered.

Peter Costello has one all-encompassing need
To move into the Lodge at great speed
To do it he'll need ticker
But here is the kicker
He has the heart of a caraway seed.

Mark Latham fights like a Kilkenny Cat
And Howard's been called a lying rat
Its only week one
And we're having such fun
That the voters are feeling a tad flat!

There was an old fella named King,
Who had an independent sting
Against Turnbull he'll run
His former party, he'll shun
And totally mess with that 7% swing

There was a rodent named John
In Australia the king of the con
Off to war we were led,
37,000 iraqi's are dead,
So on October the 9th let him be done

Howard says that he's got the ticker,
Over Latham, who has proven much slicker,
But to lead this great nation,
There's a slight expectation,
Not be be such a bloomin' arse-licker

There once was a guy called Howard
Who by all accounts was a coward
He loved to wedge
Thought the electorate veg
But we'll vote him out as he's soured

The Libs dumped King for a scholar
In preference for a man with a dollar
Howard's missing the point
We'll vote him out of the joint
And Turnbull dragged out by his collar

Johns demise came to pass
He was out of his class
To his funeral we sent
a small epitath that went
"Here lies a rodent
who's covered his arse"

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