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Wow! Hey! It's Elissa! Isn't this THE KOOLEST thing? I looked everywhere for it, and now I finally have an awesome page. Well, I'm 12 years old and I go to the Chenery Middle School. I love all sports, drama & singing, hanging with friends, going online, listening to music, dance (hip-hop/break, etc.). I wanna say a little hi to all my awesome friends- you guyz are the best! You see, I would do a shoutout but i know I'd leave someone out and they......well....you know how that is! Alrighty then, be sure to check out the links below (except the g/b one oh and the little @@ thing is if you wanna email me!)! Thanx!

thanx to everyone who's complemented me on my site so far. i'm sooooo mad at Ms. Houk. I was auditioning for The Wiz. My voice was realllly scratchy so I asked for a drink. She yelled at me and made me sing with a dry throat. So all in all, I s.ucked. Arrrgh.
Hi every1, sorry I haven't updated in a looong time- i was way too busy. As to HALLOWEEN- good, lots of candy LOTS OF POLICE AND SHAVING CREAM! Jeez, me and some of my friends ( GreenM&Ms; ) were just mind our business when some boys (no names to be mentioned) started spraying shaving cream in our eyes and everything. Some people told the police and its a big mess. *sighhhh* K bye peepz ttyl!

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my dog's name is Tootsie Pop!
i adopted him at public hide away

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