You know what? I tried to get my new layout up. I really tried. I even made a new layout (michelle branch! =0), but for some reason I've lost interest in making expage layouts!! It use to be so simple, but now since I'm kinda used to making 'free' layouts (what I call them since you can use image codes and div layers and have as much characters as you wanted.. yeah,etc) I embarrassingly forgot how to make expage layouts! don't laugh LOL. Well anyways I don't think I'm going to reopen w/ school starting in July (yes, Friday July 19th) I can't really handle more than two sites.=[ and even if I did I would only reopen for about a week or so. Sorry, and thanks for supporting me & wanting me to come back!!
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thanks /premade for the CSS for this and my livejournal!!

I will miss Expage!!

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