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Last Updated 30th JAN 2002

    * VOXIE SPEAKS 'UPDATE'... AndSpeaksAndSpeaks... YAY!

    * ABOUT MAME/CREDITS The artists and the origins... YAY!

    * RESERVE YOUR COPY ... Issue #1 is planned for release in Feb 2002. Reserve yours right here, right now. YAY!

    * SIMPLY CONTRIBUTING Being a fanzine, MAME is something that needs contributions all the time. Click here to see the current 'jobs list' or to suggest your own... YAY!

    * THE ANIME FANSHIP DIRECTORY Do you 'do' some sort of fan-run development? SEEHERE!

    * Mail Us ... here

WHAT'S TO COME - The Anime Fanship Directory; A simple page listing any clubs, fanzines, convention details that we have come to (UK & EIRE ONLY). If you want to help, please mail us.


MAME ish Numero Uno is out February 28th 2002 (DELAYED from Valentine's. Apologies for any inconvenience). Find out more overhere

OUT FEB 2002 - mame ISSUE ONE... info
SUMMER/AUTUMN 2002 - mame issue two... tba
Planned DECEMBER 2002 - mame issue three... tba
Planned for MAY 2003 - mame issue four... tba

BTW, we're not going to be a magazine that wouldn't live to it's promises. And although releases are spread out abit, It's also a promise that each one will be worth the wait. Yet they say PROMISES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN. Promises, promises, promises... *SMASH!!*

Happy New Year to you anime fans that keep the genre alive.
Any enquiries, do mail.


M.A.M.E. stresses that it is a non-profit, self-funded organisation and its rights have been reserved and upheld where appropriate and necessary.

EtC; YES WE KNOW IT"S A BLOOMIN EXPAGE SITE stop mocking us! Don't worry we will be launching the 'real' website sometime in the eventual future, but it can't happen now. SO THIS SITE WILL FILL IN THAT GAP FOR NOW, IF THAT'S ALRIGHT WID YOU. Besides, there's nothing wrong with Expage, except that it's limited to GIFs and stuff. Ah well, I'll manage. :P ANYWAY WELCOME TO MAME, WE'RE NEW, WE'RE FUNKY AND WE'RE WELL 'ARD INDIVIDUALS... (Um...yeah..) This site is here to simply promote and keep you up-to-date pronto. With what? With our fabulous magazine ofcourse, incidentally called MAME. We're with no professional pub co. we're a fanzine. It's all unofficial stuff. Who needs publisher anyway? Jib jabber, indeed...
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** ...and it always will be, so no pushing in the corridor. **

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