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okay here goes
Sara-u would have to be my bestest friend, thanx for always listening and bein there for me
Ali- same w/ u but next time don't eat chocalate u might not know where it ends up?
Andrea- we've been buds since we were 3yrs old we are
kewl together
Keri- hey don't worry me and kenny will be together forever
Sue- ur my buddie stay kewl
Rau- how's rob it is ok to be 2nd i mean it's not like it never happened before to me don't worry u'll win rob's heart
Cordo- ur soo funny
Lndsey- hey how's cody i mean did u do u know what w/ u know who again?
Tara- hey i know we don't get along as much as before but we will once school starts
Bre- hey can't wait for school it is goin to be a blast!!
Christy- hey u're always there for me
Kenny- i love u w/ all my heart and never forget that
Nick- hey thanx for chattin w/ me on here u're such a kewl person
Kurt- u're my best friend in the guy section not countin kenny..thanx for bein there for me u sure can help
Ben- i know who u like and it is ok but please move on
Todd- hey buddy
Cody- assume position
Tyler- u and keri are so cute 2-gether never break up
wade- ur so kewl even though i don't know u as much

about me
i am 5'2 in the 8th grade and i'm not single
i have blondnish brown hair that goes past my shoulders i like kid rock sisgo dr. dre snoop dogg eminem limp bizkit well u all can e-mail me if u want


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