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Animal Trivia!
* Opossums are the only marsupials that inhabit North America, and they have the most teeth of any mammal: 50.
* Echidnas and platypuses are monotremes, the only egg- laying mammals on earth.
* The porcupine's main enemy is the fisher, a mustelidae that is adept at flipping them on their backs to attack the unprotected underside.
* There are 4 species of skunks in North America: Striped, spotted, hooded, and hog-nose.
* Black bears may also be shades of brown or nearly white.
* In North America, 4 different fox species can be found: red, gray, kit (swift), and Arctic.
* The most endangered wild cat in the world is the Iberian Lynx of Spain and Portugal.
Random quotes!
"The woodrat is the poor man's chinchilla."
"The fatter dogs get, the weirder they look. The fatter cats get, the cuter they are."
"Chinchillas rule!!!"

* Emergency Nuisance Wildlife Removal: Varmint Control

* The Hamster Dance
* The tasmanian tiger museum
* Kid/family friendly net links
* Peanut Butter Lovers
* Everything muskrat
* Beanies
* The official TY website
* Fern Cages-cages for small pets
* The Artful Dog
* Chipmunks
* Game Warden Wildlife Journal
* Everyone needs to know useless knowledge
* Pet shelter network

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