wally is going to be mutilated cause the FBI cooked

ally is going to be mutilated cause the FBI cooked

wally is going to be mutilated cause the FBI cooked
and irritated a cist in wally's back for nine years
with electronic slow-kill microwave weapons 24/7
all about the County of Los Angeles .. posted
on Sunday 8-26-2001 in Westwood CA by Attempted Murder
and full blown human torture victim intensely for
over 4 years now, WALTER TRIBE....
SEE http://www.modelmodel.com 8-26-2001 :)
see http://expage.com/whatlawenforcement :(
see http://www.greenpages.com.au/baird :) :)ha ha pig!

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United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Critical
... Newspaper, Classifieds, Under Announcements; Which inform the public to check out
www.winwally.com and www.psychwar.com to keep from becoming a victim like ...

FBI,Government,Experiments,in,Mind,Control,Human,Electronic,Torture, ...
... to educate yourself... 12-14-2000 Sylmar, CA, 91342 9:39pm ca time.... See www.winwally.com
to see how to fight back non-violently... http://www.psychwar.com ...

Here,Say,From,The,Mouths,of,Deviates,Who,Hallucinate,Daily,&,Nightly, ...
... Police Endorsed Group Peepism Cult Can't be beat cause cops protect perverts in
Action, http://winwally.com 4 more. This page has been accessed 367 times. ...

Please feel free to leave any comments and your homepage if ...
... Sylmar, California. See http://expage.com/whatlawenforcement 4-1-2001 See http://expage.com/heresay
4-1-2001 See http://www.winwally.com Thank You & God Bless. ...

... 00 Specialists@ 00-16 06/14/00 Request for documents concerning information of websites
winwally, None found. 06/20/00 psychwar, lapdwatch, sirwally 00-17 06/22 ...

James' Guest Book
... Walter Tribe of Sylmar, California waltertribe@gtemail.net http://www.winwally.com
6/8/2000, 16:15:55 EST, 6-8-2000 I would like to share my evidence and ...


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wally is going to be mutilated cause the FBI cooked

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