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Okay, so if you've been here before, I said this site would be good but the server is cheap. (as in, you have to pay to upload things) I can't find any good pages so here's the scoop, this thing has absolutely nothing to offer but it's better than most places, If you came because you saw my Miki doll and can't pay Otakuworld or otherwise you can e-mail me and I will gladly send him to you! I love e-mail but not junk mail so put KiSS in your subject box. my e-mail adress is IjiwaruAkunin@aol.com
Man, this site is cheap, sorry. Well thanks for coming here! Check back cause my Miki doll is only my first and I intend to put my future plans up on this site! I should have said this earlier on but if you don't know about KiSS and you would like to find out, go here . By the way, I'd like ya to try out my little "mini quiz" thing to help me decide on my next doll. * I've been REALLY busy so I haven't been able to update or even work on anything. I PROMISE I'll do something and get it done soon (hopefully) but it'll probably take about a couple months for me to get done with anything because theres a lot of stuff going on in my life that I'd rather not talk about. (Or deal with.) I'll probably have all my works in progress done at one time later in the next year- probably summer or spring break if time allows. Also, for those of you who are intrested, I've fixed Miki's cel files. I just need to see how he works now.(My main platform is Mac.) So if you're intrested in helping me out you can e-mail me at the above adress. Ugh! I forgot all about Jiras. He somehow fell to pieces, and I think it's my fault! I'm going to have to fix the cnf etc. before I release him! I'm SO SORRY! I'm working on some other things and hopefully when I'm through it will be worth the wait. I'm definately going to add more to my Miki doll and re-release him. Also-DON'T BE SHY TO SIGN MY GUESTBOOK! I'd appreciate to see more stuff! I would like all of you to know I made a cute little personality_quiz and I crammed as many anime charcters as I could into it. Check it out and tell me what you got! Thank you! Bye!

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