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ho taught the world to sing?

This page is dedicated to the New Seekers pop group,and lists known UK record releases. First line-up was with Eve, Sally, Marty, Laurie and Chris. Keith Potger also appeared with the group initially.

The group's line-up changed with various vocalists post Eve & Lyn: Kathy Ann Rae [now Cathy Logan]Vivien Banks, Nicola Kerr, Caitriona Walsh, Jilly Franklin, Donna Jones & Vicki James. Mick Flynn replaced Brian Engel.

The last TV appearance, known to me, was in Germany in 1997 with Marty, Paul, Brian, Donna & Vicki. This line up's photo is on the 1995 & 98 "Anthems" CD.

Special thanks to John, David,Simon & Sue for their invaluable input!

Link below has US records release information. (C)

1969 Meet My Lord/Zaris. LP-The new seekers. G/F sleeve. Sally Graham,Chris Barrington & Laurie Heath left to form Milkwood. They were replaced by Lyn Paul, Peter Doyle & Paul Leyton.

1970 What have they done to my song Ma featuring Eve Graham.
1971 When there's no love left.
1971 Nickel song. Never ending song of love. Good Old fashioned music.
1971 LPS: Keith Potger& TNS. Beautiful People later re released as Never ending song of love. New Colours
1972 I'd like to teach the world to sing. Beg steal or borrow. Circles.
1972 LPS:We'd like to teach the world to sing. Circles. Live at the Albert Hall:2LP
1973 Goodbye is just another word. Come softly to me.
Nevertheless I'm in love. Pinball wizard. We've got to do it now. Crying in the Rain.PS
1973 LPS: In Perfect harmony. Now!
1973 Peter Paul and Marty. This was a "boys only" lp.
1973 Eve recorded an album of "standards" in the US around the time of her Nevertheless single but this LP has never been released publicly.

Peter Doyle left in 1973. He was replaced by Peter Oliver.
1974 You won't find another fool like me. I get a little sentimental over you. Sing Hallelujah.
1974 LPS-Together and Farewell Album

3 EP's in pic sleeves: 1-Circles/Mystic Queen/Just am old fashioned love song/cincinati Philips.
2-For you we sing/one by one/unwithered rose/look what you've done Philips 6200 005 3-Never ending song of love/Beautiful people/Your song/18 carat friend.

45 vinyl Promos: It's the real thing, buy the world a coke[TM] The US version has 3 tracks:It's the real thing, buy the world a coke and a little bit of sunshine. A dutch issue has "Look what they done to my song" as the flip side to the jingle. "Look at the People", was another jingle from this time but never released commercially.

Flexi discs: flexi-Popswop-What have done to my song Ma/Never ending song of love/good old fashioned music/Teach the world to sing. Flexi-Farewell from Mirabelle: Cryin Time/Greatest song I ever heard/Ride a horse/Brother love's travelling salvation show/Here there and everywhere/we'll meet again. 3 track flexi
from Marty, Paul & Peter for their solo album.

The group broke up in 1974.

When reformed in 1976, the group released the following:
1976 I wanna go back.
1976 It's so nice.
1976 Together again LP
1977 Give Me love your way.
1978 Anthem.
1978 Do you wanna make love?
1978 Flashback
1978 Anthem-one day in every week LP.
1978 You needed me
1979 Don't Stop the Music.
Later in 1979 the group moved to the EMI label and released "Love is a song" in a pic sleeve.
Tell Me [demo] 27.3.1980 - put forward as a Eurovision song contender but withdrawn
California Nights [demo]18.7.1980.
Let the bells ring out, in Pic Sleeve. 1985.

1977 British Airways Jingles: It's nice to have you with us/Sunshine and showers/Fingertips.

Mid price/budget Lps etc.

1972 Look what they have done to my song Ma Contour 2870 342.
1974? You won't find another fool like me.Contour 2870 485.
197? Beg, steal or borrow Contour 2004; re-release.
1973 The New Seekers. 2384 065
1982 The Best of TNS.Contour CN 2075
1982 The Best of TNS.2384-121
1984? Autograph [greatest hits 1& 2 ]
1987 15 Greatest Hits. ORB

Box set from Readers digest-1974.
Video Tape: Albert Hall concert.[re released in 2000 & 30/06/01]DVD 2003????

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