Malcolm Turnbull - The Rodents Man in Wentworth. Is he Fit for Public Office ???


If prominent businessman and now Liberal Party candidate for Wentworth Malcolm Turnbull breached his duty during the HIH takeover of FAI (as he was alledged to have done during the HIH Royal Commission) is he a fit and proper person to be a member of Parliament?

Furthermore since Peter King the current member for Wentworth lost his preselection through a preselection vote, that was rigged by Malcom Turnbull branch stacking some 1500 new members into the Wentworth branches of the Liberal Party and not a vote of the people that put him there in the first place, is there any problem in him running as a independent against Malcom Turnbull now endorsed as the Rodents candidate.

Isn't that how a democracy works? If the electorate still want King they can vote for him, if they want the rats' man Turnbull they will vote for him, same as if they want either of the other two excellent candidates Labor's David Patch or the Greens Mithra Cox then they will vote for them.

The only reason this is news now, is because the rodent supported Turnbull at the N.S.W State Council and allowed him to win preselection from the Liberal Party, a mistake that has now backfired.

I wander what scare tactics will be employed by the Liberal Party to discredit Peter King and the other candidates?


Lets kick the lying rodent and his kin out of Canberra and start to only put honest men and women into Parliament, only then will our country move forward.

Note: John Howard once "honest John" now is known as the "lying Rodent" thanks to the efforts of Qld Liberal Senator Senator Brandis and Qld Liberal Party branch Chairman Russell Galt.


Turnbull named as defendant in HIH case
By Alex Mitchell, State Political Editor
September 26, 2004
The Sun-Herald

Merchant banker Malcolm Turnbull, Liberal candidate for Wentworth and the party's former federal treasurer, is listed as a defendant in a civil action launched by the liquidators of the insurance giant HIH.

The statement of claim, which is for hundreds of millions of dollars, has been listed for a status hearing on November 19.

Mr Turnbull is named with nine other defendants including his former colleague at Goldman Sachs Australia, Russell Pillemer, former FAI boss Rodney Adler and former HIH executives Timothy Mainprize and Daniel Wilkie.

The action relates to the controversial purchase of FAI Insurance by HIH in January 1999, which contributed to HIH's $5.3 billion collapse - the largest in Australian corporate history - two years later.

HIH paid $300 million for the Adler group but royal commissioner Justice Neville Owen subsequently revealed the real cost was about $590 million.

Solicitors for the HIH liquidators are Blake Dawson Waldron. All the defendants will contest the action vigorously.

Mr Turnbull's campaign headquarters at Bondi Junction was visited yesterday by the "flying rat", a jokester dressed in a costume, with a placard saying: "Malcolm needs help - Trust me."

Later, a John Howard look-alike was escorted around the shopping precinct by Labor candidate David Patch, who introduced him as "the next leader of the Opposition".

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