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* Welcome to the world of Crissy and her family. As you know, Crissy had an extended family. They include two main sizes: 18" tall and 15" tall. The big girls are Crissy herself, Kerry, Brandi and Tressy. The small girls are cousin Velvet, Mia, Dina, Cricket and Tara. Even smaller is Velvet's little sister, Cinnamon at only 12" tall.

* How's Crissy's Face Paint--Needs a Little Help?

* So Your Crissy is Having a Bad Hair Day?


* Now it's time to see the pictures!

Crissy in 1969

Crissy in 1970-72

Crissy in 1972-74



Sears Gorgeous Tressy and Posin' Tressy

Velvet in 1970

Velvet in 1971

Velvet in 1972-74



Sears Cricket


Velvet's Little Sister, Hairdoodler Cinnamon and Curly Ribbons Cinnamon

The Baby Crissy Page


* Do you own any of the Crissy "Simplicity" patterns? Have you tried sewing some of them? Here are some outfits from the patterns.

Crissy in the bridal gown. Another year, another bridal gown was designed. It is being modeled by Brandi, but it is made into a bridesmaids dress.
Bridal Party

Here is Velvet in a MuuMuu! Most patterns came in two sizes, one for the big girls and the other for the little girls.
Velvet in her MuuMuu

I've decided that Velvet looks a lot like Jan Brady, with those corkscrew curls at her temples. Here she is modeling a striped micro-mini.
Velvet looks like Jan

The animal print velvet used to make this mini is positively MOD looking!
Mod Crissy

Hotpants! Remember those? Here is Brandi in orange velvet hotpants and orange love beads.
Brandi's Hotpants

A Seventies Grow Hair Girl's wardrobe wouldn't be complete without a great tie-dyed outfit. Crissy looks groovy in this one!
Crissy in her tie-dyed dress


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