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Welcome to the Alta Samoyeds/Samoyed Rescue of Santa Barbara homepage.

We raise and show Samoyed dogs, but we also rescue and place "recycled" Sammies in new homes with special families. Our rescues come from shelters, owner surrenders, referrals, and some are even abandoned by owners who for whatever reason, choose not to keep thier furry friends.

Samoyeds are usually a long-lived, hardy breed of dog, and have a sweet nature and don't do well as "yard dogs". Sams want to be inside where the family, and the action is, so if you're thinking of primarily an outdoor dog, a Sammy is definitely NOT for you; the neglected Samoyed can be everyone's worst nightmare, howling, barking, running away, digging and generally upsetting the entire neighborhood.

The Samoyed is a heavily coated-white dog, and so, requires maintenance; few things are as pathetic as a filthy, matted, flea-riddled Samoyed, and even sadder is the fact that the dog seems to know exactly what he looks and smells like. Regular brushing and bathing will keep your dog clean, beautiful, and will give you a heads-up on any problems which may be starting with regards to health. Regular grooming is also a valuable bonding experience for you & your dog, and is a necessary part of her essential nature as a Samoyed; these dogs will groom one another as a way of forging and maintaining familial ties, my late Christy Marie groomed everyone she could get hold of, even her cat!

Sammies often live to 14 years. Are you ready to commit to the health and well-being of another living thing for that amount of time? Does EVERYONE in your household really want a dog, and are they willing to make some commitment to the dogs welfare, as well? If you rent, is your landlord OK with your getting a large dog? How about your neighbors?

We don't leave our dogs outside when we aren't home; we use portable kennels in the garage which has air-conditioning for those warm summer days. Where will your dog live while you are at work? Are you willing to take the dog to obedience classes? Puppy socialization classes?

The best place to obtain a puppy is from a breeder, someone who carefully selects the prospective parents of a litter, tests those prospects for hereditary conditions, and carefully screens interested families. This breeder will stand behind her pups, and will always be there for advice when you need it. One or both parents should be Champions, and be good, healthy representatives of the Samoyed breed.

If the age of the dog isn't an issue, PLEASE consider a recycled Sammy: they're already grown up, spayed/neutered, have shots, and are SO grateful to have a safe home! There are many, many recycled Sams all over the US & Canada, sitting in foster homes, just waiting for families of their own, so please don't pass up the rescue!

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