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Welcome to my home page!! This is dedicated to Elizabeth Montgomery!! Who was the star, Samantha. I love the show Betwitched and thought it deserved some attention!! I'm in the process of making this web page and plan to add much more information and some pics of Samantha and the rest of the cast. Please if you have the theme song or any really good pics would you please send them to me at Miasocer9@aol.com Thanks a lot.

As you may know, Nick@Nite did a survey through the phone and e-mail to decide what people thought was the best Darrin. Well the results were that Dick York won. Dick York was the first Darrin. I, myself, thought that Dick should have won too. What do you think please e-mail me your thoughts on this at Miasocer9@aol.com

Bewitched is one of my favorite shows along with "I Dream of Jeannie" any one else like "I Dream of Jeannie" e-mail me

Characters-- played by-- dates of birth and death

1st Darrin Stephans-Dick York-(1928-1992)
2nd Darrin Stephans-Dick Sargent-(1930-1994)
Endora,(Sam's mom)-Agnes Moorehead-(1906-70's?)
Serena(Sam's nasty cousin)-Elizabeth Montgomery
Clara-(Sam's Aunt)-Marion Lorne-Died in 1968
Larry Tate-David White-(1916-1990)
Gladys Kravitz-Alice Pearce-(1917-1966)
Abner Kravitz-George Tobias(1901-1980)
Larry's wife Louise-Irene Vernon and Kasey Rodgers
Dr. Bombay-Bernard Fox(Unknown to me)
Tabitha-Erin and Diane Murphy-Still alive
Adam-David and Greg Lawrence-Still alive
Arthur-Paul Lynde-1926-1982
Esmeralda-Alice Ghostley-(1926-still alive)

Now a little about to explain each of these people:

Samatha Stephens-She is the star of the whole thing. She's a witch and only Darrin, her husband, is the only mortal that knows that.

Darrin Stephens-Married to Samatha of course. Is the hard worke who hates when Samatha uses her powers and makes her promise to use them as little as possible.

Endora-She is Samatha's mother who doesn't like Darrin and wants Samatha to have a worlock for a husband. She's always is finding some spell or another thing to pull on Darrin to get him in trouble.

Serena- Who is played again by Elizabeth Montgomery is her nasty cousin who also, as Endora, doesn't like Darrin.

Clara- Samatha's aunt, is always forgeting things and her spells are slipping away from her not working at all correctly.

Larry Tate- who could forget mr. greedy!! Larry was Darrin's boss and the McMann and Tate advertising agency.

Gladys Kravitz- was a nosey neighbor always spying and supposively seeing things.

Abner Kravitz- was Glady's husband that disliked and tried to stop her from spying on the neighbors and never believing any of her storys.

Louise-who was Larry's wife. Was a good friend of Samatha's.

Dr. Bombay-was Samatha's doctor. Who was often called a "quack" by Darrin.

Tabitha-Was Sam's and Darrin's daughter who turned out to be a witch as Samatha.

Adam- Was Sam's and Darrin's son who was on the show not very long because he came at the end. He too was a worlock, like Tabitha, he inherited it from Samatha.

Uncle Arthur-This was Samatha's uncle who always wanted to play a good practical joke. Darrin who never thought these funny often got irritated from him.

Well that covers most of the characters but I'm still lookin if you noticed that I lefted anyone out please e-mail me and let me know!!

Now a little about the show
The show first aired on September 17, 1964. It stilled alive for 8 seasons, and became one of the best classic t.v. shows ever!! It left the screen on July 1, 1972. This day was sad for any Bewitched Lover.

Wanna know what Emmys Bewitched won and was nominated for click here to find out : by clicking here: http://expage.com/page/EmmysforBewitched

If you know how to add pics, besides using a scanner, and if you know how to play the theme song I have them downloaded just can't seem to follow them out. I would REALLY like you to e-mail me the instructions!! It would be a big help thanks.
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