essicas home away from home.

here you can always come to crash =)

* Hello all. This is just a little page that I put together in my spare time. Theres not much here, but hey, its something. =)

* Heres one of the best sites out there.

* This site is a VERY COOL site that has practically every song ever created on it. So look up your Fav. song

* This site is a neat site. Its hard to explaign but its worth your while.

* This site is a little more out there. WARNING---EXPLICIT CONTENT ON THIS PAGE.

* This one has great horoscopes.

* If your looking to kill some time....

* As for me, Im 20 yrs old. I live in Fredericksburg, VA in an apt with my boyfriend Jason, my dog Dixie, his cat Ozzy and a few roomys. I work @ JCPenneys tryin 2 bring home the $$$. =) lol. Theres not much to my life, buy hey, who leads an excitting, wonderfull life 24/7? =)

* And on a final note, things couldent be better between me and my sweetie Jason. I Love you baby. 2 years in April...WooHoo. =)

* * * * * * * * * *

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