Montana Hunter's

Buckskinning and Muzzleloading

I welcome you to Blackpowder Hunting as a good source of reading and information of what I do, and that is using Traditional Muzzleloading and Blackpowder Hunting. You will also find some great Reading in the Blackpowder Journal. I also like to hang around some of the message boards"Talk" There is a guy who runs this message board"Who's Carl" who is enjoying life find out who he is, by the way Carl was just on TV with his dogs. I love to hunt, come hear the Elk"listen"I also love Whitetail Deer, I enjoy just seeing them, take a look "Whitetail"I also enjoy hunting them. Find out how effective a muzzleloader can be, take a"LOOK"in Tal's Muzzleloading Page. You can see other real good "Stuff"in here that Native American, Fishing, Muzzleloading and a bunch of other things too. Find out who"GLENN"is and what he and his family are doing in the Eastern part of Montana."HUNTING INFORMATION"I have found great recipes for game as well as information on Outfitters and other talk boards.

If when you come to Montana and want to see some real neat wildlife"SEE"see Yellowstone National Park, of the 3 National Parks that are close to us I think Yellowstone will offer you the most in wildlife viewing and while your there stop in and see"TOBY" at the Grizzly Bear Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, Montana. You will not regret the sights to beheld.

Hey, do you know someone who is disabled and thought their hunting was over? Please stop by For The Disabled Hunter and see what Deer Man has for you. He hunts Whitetail and Turkey, hunting for the Disabled is not just a dream any longer, it's a reality.

Hey have you got"HUNTING EQUIPMENT" to sell, trade, swap or just plain giving it away? Is the little woman of the house buggin ya to get rid of that "BOAT"soins she can by more"THINGS FOR HER "? Well you just might find what (she's) lookin for right"HERE"and by now, ya'all know what to do.

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